John C. Garand Match Combines History and Fun at 2014 National Trophy Rifle Matches

CAMP PERRY, Ohio – With over 1,000 competitors each year, the John C. Garand Match is arguably the most popular Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) Games Match offered during the National Trophy Rifle Match season. Once again this year, marksmen from around the country and the world will meet amongst fellow enthusiasts on July 19, 2014 to fire one of the most historical rifles ever built, for a day of camaraderie and enjoyment.


During the match, competitors must use an “as-issued” U.S. M1 Garand. Those wanting to use a modified Garand will be listed in an Unlimited Garand category. The Course of Fire is designed in a way that allows new and experienced shooters to compete together in a fun and relaxed environment.


The match will be conducted from 200 yards from prone and standing positions. In addition to a 15-minute series and a 10-minute series of shots, a rapid-fire prone series will also be fired in a time period of 80 seconds to test competitors’ speed and accuracy.


For those wanting a deeper look into the event, a Garand-Springfield-Military (GSM) Clinic will be held July 18 (4-6 p.m.), July 19 (9-11 a.m.) and July 20 (9-11 a.m.). The clinic is open to all competitors and will include classroom instruction and demonstrations on topics such as shooting techniques and positioning, scoring, pit pulling and courses of fire.

More information on the John C. Garand Match and other CMP Games Matches can be found at More on the GSM Clinic is listed at

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