Air Rifle and Air Pistol Program

Civilian Marksmanship ProgramCompeteAir Rifle and Air Pistol Program

In January 2022, the CMP stated sanctioning Air Rifle and Air Pistol competitions. The CMP Air Rifle and Air Pistol Competition Rules (2024) govern the conduct of matches at the CMP Competition Centers and a new Distinguished Badge Program for Air Rifle and Air Pistol. CMP will also add a Classification Program and a new National Matches 60-shot Air Pistol and Air Rifle Championship at Camp Perry in July. This rulebook will also provide instructions for conducting three special airgun events, Best Center-Shot Contests, Bench Rest Air Rifle Events and Air Rifle Target Sprint outdoor events.

National Air Gun Matches

The CMP will hold the National Air Rifle Matches July 11-14, 2024 and the National Air Pistol Matches July 14-18, 2024. For more information, visit our National Air Gun Matches page.

If you are interested in Three-Position Air Rifle (3PAR) Shooting, please visit our 3PAR Shooting Information web page.

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