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The Gary Anderson Competition Center will be Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 5pm-8pm. The CMP South Range hours will be Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 4pm-7pm. The ranges will also be open by appointment only – Monday – Thursday for Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center (9am-3pm) and CMP South Range (8am-2pm). We will be closed on Fridays. To make an appointment, please call Catherine at (419) 635-2141, ext. 704.

Stop By Our Permanent Air Gun Competition Centers…

The Civilian Marksmanship Program maintains two permanent Air Gun Competition Centers: the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center in Camp Perry, Ohio, and the CMP Air Gun Competition Center – South in Anniston, Alabama.

Both of these world-class air rifle and air pistol training and competition facilities feature state-of-the-art electronic targets at each of their 80 firing points. All shots are instantly displayed on monitors beside each shooter and on display screens visible to spectators in the center area of the range. The facilities also feature common areas with classrooms, offices, restrooms and a foyer.

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… Or Let Our Mobile Range Come to You!

In an effort to expand its outreach to shooters around the country, CMP has constructed a portable air rifle range with all of the luxuries of a state-of-the-art air gun facility. It’s comprised of 60 electronic MEGAlink targets, all with color monitors next to the shooter so he or she is able to see each shot after it’s fired.

Because of its versatile design, the mobile range can be used as a 60-point range, or broken down into three sets of 20 targets or two sets of 30 targets. Its ability to adapt to different areas of space gives the range the flexibility to be used in a variety of settings.

Additional features include LED targets set up downrange, with a lift system for 3-position shooting, as well as eight 60″ TVs to show the scores, and tables and chairs for spectators. The program is run by a three-computer system constructed in the middle of the range, which operates the targets, lifts, results and TV’s.

Interested in Renting a Range?

All three ranges can be rented for a fee for your next event.  Contact information for each is listed below.

CMP Mobile Range

In an area near you!
To rent, contact Chance Cover
(419) 635-2141 ext. 603
[email protected]