CMP Smallbore Program

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Since 2018, the CMP has been dedicated to the expansion of its rising Smallbore Rifle program. Carefully designed by some of the best Smallbore athletes and instructors from around the country, CMP Smallbore events include both three-position (3P), prone and team competitions. CMP Affiliated Clubs around the country can also host their own sanctioned CMP Smallbore events at their home ranges.

During the annual National Matches at Camp Perry, the CMP Smallbore lineup of events holds nine full days of competition, featuring 3×40 Iron and Any Sight, 3×20 Team and Prone events. A Smallbore Small Arms Firing School within the schedule delivers instruction to individuals in a hands-on environment.

The National Smallbore Matches at Camp Perry also integrates the future of competitive shooting – utilizing the electronic target system of CMP Targets at Petrarca Range as well as operating specialized electronic scoring via Shooters Technology, a mobile application that expedites the scoring process.

For enthusiastic individuals, the CMP Smallbore Program has presented its own Distinguished Badge to recognize consistently outstanding athletes in competition.

NEW IN 2021: CMP Smallbore Postal Program

Beginning in January 2021, the CMP is excited to launch a new Postal Competition for Smallbore Shooters. While the world continues to battle the COVID-19 virus, the CMP will continue to conduct competitions for its athletes however it can. This Postal Competition will feature both 3-Position and Prone events fired at a distance of 50ft. Individuals and clubs can register and fire in both events. This competition will be scored using the Orion Scoring System. Click here for more information.

Smallbore Match Sanctioning

The CMP now offers match sanctioning for Smallbore Rifle events. Clubs may host their own outdoor 3P and Prone matches as well as indoor 3P 50-feet matches.

To request hosting a sanctioned CMP Smallbore event, visit our Competition Tracker page at

Smallbore Distinguished Badge

Distinguished Badges are the highest individual awards authorized by the U.S. Government for excellence in marksmanship competition. Awarded by the CMP, they are acquired by competing and thriving in Excellence-in-Competition matches. In 2020, the CMP introduced two Distinguished Smallbore Badges: 3P and Prone. Learn more about the Distinguished Badge Program HERE.

Smallbore National Records


Smallbore Rules

CMP Smallbore Rifle Competition Rules are established by the CMP to govern competitions conducted during the National Matches or by CMP Affiliated organizations in other CMP sanctioned competitions.

Smallbore Small Arms Firing School and the National Matches

The National Smallbore Matches at Camp Perry includes a one-day Small Arms Firing School. Open to junior shooters who participate in three-position (3P) smallbore and standing or international precision air rifle, the camp focuses on training intermediate and advanced athletes who are striving to shoot in collegiate programs.

Working alongside the CMP, the camp applies instruction from the Army Marksmanship Unit.

Learn more about all of the CMP Smallbore National Matches held at Camp Perry.


For questions regarding the Smallbore Program, contact Brad Donoho at [email protected].