Camp Perry Matches

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Camp Perry is not only home to CMP’s Headquarters but also houses several outdoor and indoor marksmanship ranges.

Outside, famous Camp Perry ranges like the 600-yard Rodriguez Range and 1,000-yard Viale Range have hosted thousands of competitors on the firing line through the National Rifle & Pistol Matches – held at Camp Perry since 1907. The CMP also uses these ranges at various times to conduct rifle events on our own line of outdoor electronic targets.

Camp Perry’s Petrarca Range boasts a covered firing line and another set of CMP electronic targets. The range facilitates rifle and pistol firing and is open for public use each week from early spring to mid-November.

Indoors, the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center holds an 80-point electronic target line designed for air rifle and air pistol firing. The air gun range hosts numerous local-, state- and national-level events and is open weekly for public use, all year long.

The CMP leases these ranges from the Ohio National Guard for special matches throughout the year, including the annual National Matches each summer. The ranges are only open to the public during events conducted by the CMP.

In addition to the Air Gun Events offered at the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center, and Open Marksmanship Mondays held at Petrarca Range, the following matches are also held at Camp Perry.

Upcoming Matches at Camp Perry

Camp Perry

Competitors will be firing on Kongsberg Electronic Targets (KTS). The KTS system registers each shot and relays the location and score value to a monitor beside each shooter on the firing line.  Electronic Target Scoring Rules are available in the current edition of the CMP Competition Rulebooks.