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How to Apply to Have Your 3PAR Matches Sanctioned

The Civilian Marksmanship Program administers the National Three-Position Air Rifle Council match sanctioning program. Any club, team, school or group affiliated with a member organization of the Council may apply to have their three-position air rifle matches sanctioned. The CMP sanctioned more than 271 state and regional competitions for over 13,800 junior competitors in 2019.

Clubs may register their match and/or clinic using our Online Match Sanctioning.

The National Three-Position Air Rifle Council sanctions three-position air rifle matches to:

  1. officially recognize competitions conducted under the National Standard Three-Position Air Rifle Rules,
  2. foster the conduct of high quality competitions for juniors,
  3. provide a readily accessible public listing of three-position air rifle matches,
  4. facilitate the awarding of National Council Achievement Pins and EIC points, and
  5. recognize national records.


Organizations that sponsor CMP-Sanctioned Clinics or Matches must fulfill these requirements:

  1. Be currently affiliated or enrolled with an organization that is a member of the National Three-Position Air Rifle Council: The American Legion, BSA-Venturing, CMP, Daisy/U. S. Jaycees Shooter Education Program, National 4-H Shooting Sports, U. S. Army Marksmanship Unit, USA Shooting, and the Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force JROTC Commands.
  2. Complete Online Match Sanctioning or submit a completed Application to Conduct a Sanctioned Three-Position Air Rifle Match, with required sanctioning fees, to the CMP for each match to be sanctioned. Sponsors may charge individual entry fees to match participants to cover expenses in conducting the match. These entry fees are paid to the sponsoring organization and are retained by the sponsor. There are no competitor or team fees that are to be paid to the Council or CMP except the match-sanctioning fee.
  3. Attach a copy of a match program with the application. A program is a written description of the match that gives the match description, date, location, schedule and course of fire, entry fees, etc. (Use the Official Match Program Template at the end of these instructions to help you prepare a program.)
  4. Agree to conduct the match in accordance with the current National Standard Three-Position Air Rifle Rules. (You can also purchase printed copies from the CMP e-store for $4.95 each.)
  5. Provide qualified range officers, scorers, match officials, targets and other supplies as required for the conduct of the match or clinic.
  6. Submit or upload scores to the CMP within 3 weeks (21 days) after the match. Within 3 weeks after each match, electronic score report files with scores and contact information for all competitors must be submitted to the CMP for all CMP Cup Matches and for any Regular Sanctioned matches that want their results posted on the CMP Competitor Tracker web site.

Once your club submits the application form to hold a Sanctioned Match, the application will be reviewed by our Three-Position Air Rifle Department. Please read the instructions before completing your application. A complete match program must be submitted with your application.

Once your application approved, the CMP will post information about your match in the Upcoming Events listing on the CMP website. Match sponsors may order the following items when completing the match sanctioning application.

Sanctioned Match Resources

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact the Three-Position Air Rifle Department at (419) 635-2141, ext. 702 or


To support your organization’s conduct of this match, the National Council and CMP will:

  1. Recognize the match as a competition that is officially sanctioned by the Council.
  2. Post information about your match in the Upcoming Events listing on the CMP web site. This will help interested shooters find out about matches they may wish to attend. Check the CMP Competition Tracker to see the current list of sanctioned air rifle matches. (Log in, then click “Competitions,” then in the drop down, choose “Upcoming Air Rifle Competitions.”)
  3. Provide a computer data file for use in reporting scores from CMP Cup Matches and other sanctioned matches, when requested.
  4. Provide file to print Certificates of Achievement that match sponsors may distribute to participants, when requested.
  5. Provide National Council Achievement Pins for purchase, to award to competitors.
  6. After scores are reported from competitions where EIC points may be earned, the CMP will provide bronze and silver EIC badges upon request (application must be sent in) and without additional cost Update Distinguished Badges to junior competitors who earn these badges. Bronze and silver badges will be sent to the competitors upon receipt of the badge application form and associated processing fees. Distinguished Badges will be awarded in special presentation ceremonies and/or mailed to recipients.

Achievement Pins. Match sponsors may order National Council Achievement Pins to present to competitors who fire achievement award scores that are listed in the National Standard Rules.$1.50 each.  Available in Gold, Silver and Bronze.

CMP State Medals. Match directors hosting a CMP State Championship may purchase these medals to award at their competition. These are 2 inch medals with red/white/blue neck ribbons. $6.00 each. Available in gold, silver and bronze.

CMP Medals. Match directors hosting any type of sanctioned 3PAR match may order these medals to award. These medals are two inch medals with red/white/blue neck ribbons. $6.30 each. Available in gold, silver and bronze.

In addition, CBIs (or Clear Barrel Indicators), Certificates of Achievement, competitor information sheets, and the Rulebook ($4.95 each) can be ordered.