Air Rifle Target Stand Plans

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One of the advantages of air gun shooting is that air rifle ranges can be set up in any room that can be secured on three sides and that has sufficient length and width for 10 meter firing.

Once a suitable room is located, all that is needed to set up a safe range suitable for three-position air rifle or standing position air rifle shooting is to construct a target stand for each firing point.

Here, you’ll find plans for two different popular and well-tested air rifle target stands that can be built by schools, clubs or individual shooters.

CMP Paper Target Stand Plans

This target stand was developed by the CMP for paper targets.

The advantages of the Target Stand are its relatively light weight and the fact that it can readily be taken down for storage or transportation.

This type of stand features a target box, with a sheet metal backing plate, that is large enough to hold two 10-bull air rifle targets. The box is supported by two leg assemblies that attach to the sides of the target box.

Targets are dropped into two slots in the top of the target box; no backing cardboard or pins to hold the targets are required. The leg assemblies are made with target box attachment slots so the target box can be placed at legal heights for prone, kneeling or standing.

To change from one position to the next, the legs are detached from the stand, the box is moved to the next position and the legs are reattached to the box in that location.

Lujan-Style Target Stand Plans

This well-tested stand has been in use on numerous air rifle ranges for many years. It’s relatively heavy and not as easily disassembled, so it is best used in ranges where target stands will remain in place or must be moved only short distances.

This type of stand features a 65” high x 27” wide stand with sheet metal backing that covers 46” of the stand’s vertical area.

A sheet of cardboard is inserted in the front of the stand and targets are pinned to the cardboard in proper locations. Six targets for a 3×20 event can be hung at one time on this full-length target box.