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Designed for those who wish to take their passion for the venerable M1 Garand to the next level, the Advanced Maintenance Class (AMC) offers students a unique opportunity to receive unparalleled training from our knowledgeable Custom Shop Staff and build their very own M1 Rifle.

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AMC Dates are Pending and Details will be Released at a later date

Held at 1803 Coleman Rd, Anniston, Alabama, the three-day class is intended for individuals interested in knowing how the M1 Garand rifle functions in detail, as well as for those wishing to know how to properly perform advanced maintenance procedures to their personal rifle(s). The class involves classroom lecture as well as hands-on shop time. Tools will be provided for students to use during the class.

This class is not intended for gunsmiths or students with advanced knowledge of the M1 rifle. No prior armorer or shooting experience is required to attend the class. Students will each assemble from parts their own rifle (manufacturer of receiver may vary depending on the current inventory available) that is included in the AMC fee.

Some of the key components of the class will include:

  • Component purpose and function
  • Use of gauges
  • Commercial barrel installation, chambering and headspace
  • Component selection and inspection
  • Fitting and proper assembly of a complete Field Grade Special or CMP Special rifle
  • Some discussion of malfunctions and their remedies
  • Accurizing techniques for the M1

Participants will be exposed to all information required to safely assemble a complete rifle under the direct supervision of our expert gunsmiths.

On the second day of the class, students will visit the CMP South Store. A visit to the CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park is scheduled on the last day for test firing.

If you want more information about CMP AMC, please contact the Custom Shop at or (256) 835-8455, ext. 513.

Details for AMCs


Each student signed up for the class will have an option when purchasing, with both Field Grade Specials or CMP Special rifles available for construction.

Anniston Class Cost

Total cost for the AMC will be $1,868.50 or $2,068.50, depending upon rifle selection (Field Grade or CMP Special). The class fee of $1018.50 will be charged to the credit card when paperwork is received. ($150 of your class tuition fee should be considered as a non refundable “registration fee”).

The cost breakdown is as follows:

  • $1018.50 course tuition fee
  • Rifle purchase fee of $850 for Field Grade Specials or $1,050 for CMP Specials

Cost will also cover three provided lunches. Deadline for class payment is TBA.

Lottery and registration

Registration for the AMCs uses an electronic lottery to randomly assign the 20 available seats for each class date. Details are pending for 2022. We will again use the CMP Competition Tracker software. This will allow individuals to register for the classes they can attend and applicants will be randomly drawn to attend the class or be placed on a waitlist.

Registration for multiple classes is permitted but no applicant will be selected for more than one slot. FORMER AMC PARTICIPANTS MAY REGISTER.

A confirmation email will be sent to each accepted participant, which will include a hidden link to the CMP E-Store that will be used to complete the registration process. If chosen, individuals must complete their registration and payment by TBA for the Anniston Class. Failure to meet this deadline will result in forfeiture of your slot to the next applicant on a wait list.

Special “Buddy” classes

Four “Buddy” classes will be held this year. These classes facilitate pairs of students wanting to take the class together, such as father/mother and son/daughter, spouses/partners, brothers, sisters or just friends.

Only one member of the “Buddy” team may register.  You must indicate your “Buddy” and their city and state along with either their date of birth or CMP Competitor Number, upon registration. Each student attending the “Buddy” classes will have to pay full fees separately (entry and rifle).


Students will only need to bring themselves, safety glasses and a shop apron.


Individuals who attend the AMC in Anniston, Alabama, must arrange your own housing. To find accommodations in Anniston, click here. (Ask for the CMP Rate).


Cancellation requests may be submitted by email or phone to the Custom Shop at or call (256) 835-8455, ext. 513.

Late cancellations, made within 30 days of the class start date, will be subject to forfeiture of an additional $300. The balance of the class fee plus applicable taxes for the Field Grade Special or CMP Special Rifle will be charged to the credit card provided during the class. Shipping is included in the class fee.