Rifle Sales

Rifle Sales
Ms. Morris, Recently you helped me with my first purchase from the CMP, two service grade M1 Garands, and you helped me add ammo to the order.  You also helped me understand the process when I asked for some information.   The rifles were delivered promptly to RDL Tactical in Escondido Ca.   When I arrived at the shop I saw my two CMP cases behind the counter, and that was  exciting.   When I was filling out paperwork for my state, the owner of the shop put the cases on top of the counter, and he opened one.  I glanced over, not knowing what to expect, and I couldn't believe how beautiful the rifle was.  My breath was actually taken away for a moment, and I couldn't keep filling out the form.   The finish was very nice, and I didn't expect  a new walnut stock.  I thought it was extremely good luck to have such a fine rifle delivered to me, but I thought there was no way the second rifle would be as nice.  I  opened the second case, and to my surprise, that rifle was also beautiful.     I hope I can order two more soon, so that some day my three sons will each have one.  I want to order a special grade for my middle son, who's in the USMC, and is currently stationed at 8th &I in Washington DC.  He marches in ceremonies with a beautiful Garand, and he's also on the fire team at Arlington and uses a different Garand for the 21-gun salute.  I have a friend who's a retired USMC First Sergeant, and he loves his Garands that he got from CMP years ago.   When my son comes home on leave we plan on going to the range with him so he can get us dialed in.   You must receive a lot of emails or letters like this, and you probably can't read them all, but I would like to thank you again, and please express my sincere gratitude to the people who meticulously prepared these rifles for me.  They should be very proud of their work, and I'm grateful they preserved these pieces of American History.  I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  Sincerely,     
Joe Creed,

In addition to making a purchase at one of our store locations, rifles may only be ordered through the mail.  For ordering information and to download an order packet, visit Ordering Information. For .22 rifles and air rifles, please see the order forms listed on those sales pages.

IMPORTANT: If your State or locality requires you to first obtain a certificate, license, permit, or Firearms Owner ID card in order to possess or receive a rifle, you must enclose a photocopy of your certificate, license, permit, or card with the application for purchase. Rifle shipments to OR,WA, NY and NJ must be made to a state licensed dealer. You must provide a copy of the dealer’s license with your order form. (As a result of CT Bill 1160 and Bill 13-220) Rifle shipments to CA must be made to a State licensed dealer or may be made to individual homes, providing that a CA Certificate of Eligibility and a Curio and Relic License are provided. Rifle shipments to WA & CT must be made to licensed or dealer or may be shipped directly to the customer if a C&R license is provided. IL can only ship to address on FOID card.

WA, NY, NJ and CT customers who have already mailed their rifle orders to CMP should provide [email protected] with dealer information or order cancellation instructions. Information can also be faxed to 256-835-3527 or mailed to CMP Customer Service, (Attn: FFL Order), 1401 Commerce Blvd., Anniston, AL 36207.