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About Sporter Air Rifles

The largest and fastest-growing segment of junior shooting today, Three-Position Air Rifle Shooting, uses a class of target air rifles called “sporter air rifles.” Sporter air rifles now constitute a special class of junior shooting competition that offers excellent opportunities for new junior shooters.

Sporter air rifles are characterized by their light weight (5-7 lbs.), low cost (they vary from $180 to $650 in cost), basic target features (adjustable sights, adjustable length stocks, adjustable sling attachments) and suitable accuracy (rifles sold through this program must be capable of consistently shooting tens on the standard competition targets).

 Sporter Air Rifle Sales

Sales are restricted to members of CMP affiliated clubs only (must provide membership card or have card on file). Click here to download an order form. 

Crosman Challenger PCP Sporter Air Rifle

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Crosman is proud to introduce to the world the latest and greatest in competition Air Guns, the all-new Crosman Challenger PCP. This Sporter Class air rifle was redesigned with a new precision class style stock, swappable (Right to Left) side lever cocking handle, higher velocities, and much more. Outfitted with the Crosman Diopter Sight System, an adjustable precision sight, all competition shooters new and old, can be proficient with the Challenger PCP. Only from Crosman, the world leader in Air Gun innovation since 1923.

Crosman Challenger Air Rifle
SKU# CH2021SCrosman Challenger PCP Sporter Air Rifle
* .177 caliber, three-position, competition style pellet rifle
* Fully adjustable, precision synthetic stock with swappable sidelever cocking handle
* Floating, Lothar Walther match barrel
* Regulator for shot-to-shot consistency, two-stage match grade trigger with adjustable shoe
* 3000 PSI reservoir for 300+ more shots per fill and higher factory set velocities of 600 FPS
* Hooded front aperture sight and micro click adjustable diopter rear sight
* Meets requirements of National Standard Three-Position Air Rifle Rules
$650 each or $625 each for 5 or more

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This item is shipped by Crosman

The following states will need to include tax:
AR, IN, MI, MN, NY, PA, TX, WA and WI

Crosman Air Rifle Accessories

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CHCATCompressed Air Tank
* Aluminum Construction
* 3,000 psi
*Comes with protective sleeve, boot, and valve cap
* Scuba yoke and DIN style valve, removable insert
* 36.2 pounds empty
* 29 inches tall
* Requires annual visual inspection and 5 year hydro test
NEW Compressed Air Tank
* 74cu ft. Carbon Fiber Cylinder w/ fill valve
* 4,500 psi
* DOT certified Ergonomic hand wheel for controlled filling
* 19 in. microbore fill hose w/ stainless steel foster fitting
* Built-in pressure gauge and bleed valve
* Requires annual visual inspection and 5-year hydro test
Crosman Recharge
* Under 50 lbs
* Easy one hand carry handle
* Motor enclosed in hard shell case
* CE approved
* 110V with standard 3 prong plug
* Auto shut off after 45 minutes of continuous run time
* Air and water cooled
* Safety burst disk
* Fills a Challenger air rifle 0-2,000 psi in 45 seconds
* Fills a CHCAT scuba tank 0-3,000 psi in 1 hour and 5 minutes
* Auto pressure shut off — stops at set pressure

Shipping: N/C Continental US
Large Orders lead time: estimated 4 months
Challenger Rifle Stand
* Stand includes:
1-Folding Tripod Base
1-Collapsible rod with locking clamps
1-Rifle Rest
1-Pellet Tray
1-Carrying Case
Challenger Bi-Pod$21.68
Challenger Hand Stop Swivel$21.68
Challenger Sling$21.68
Scuba Yoke Adapter$108.06

Daisy Model 599 10-Meter Competition Air Rifle

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Daisy Outdoor Products announces the release of the new Model 599 10-Meter Competition Air Rifle, a .177 caliber gun that allows competitors to shoot the entire match without having to recharge.

Daisy Sporter
Daisy 599Daisy 599 Competition Air Rifle
* Beautiful ambidextrous beechwood stock
* Vertical and length-of-pull adjustment
* Adjustable comb
* Trigger weight adjustable down to 1.5 lbs
* Rotating trigger adjustment for perfect positioning right or left
* Removable power configurable cylinder
* Cold-hammer-forged BSA barrel
* Straight-pull T-handle
* Hooded front sight, diopter rear sight
* Integral 10.8 mm dovetail scope rail
* Sling rail
* Pressure gauge and quickfill

Shipped by Daisy
$595 or $540 for 6 or more
Please contact Daisy for s/h charges:
(479) 636-1200 (PH)
479-636-1601 (Fax)

Daisy Elite Pump Air Rifle

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Daisy Elite 753S
(synthetic stock)
Daisy Elite Pump Air Rifle

Includes globe front sight, diopter rear sight, sling with attachment hardware, front aperature inserts and stock adjustment spacers.

Shipped by Daisy.

Please Contact Daisy for s/h 479-636-1200(ph) 479-636-1601 (fax)

Daisy Air Rifle Accessories

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DAISY M888 CYL Daisy Refillable 2.5 oz cylinder for 888 & 887 $52.00
5996 Rear Sight Match Grade Rear Sight used on the 599, 877, 753W, 753S and competition Air Rifles that have a 11mm dovetailed scope rail $45.00


Daisy M853 .177 Cal. (Pneumatic) USED Air Rifle

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The CMP is selling reconditioned Daisy 853 Sporter Air Rifles to promote the development of more new junior shooters. This program can be especially important to new junior programs and summer camps that are seeking to acquire target air rifles suitable for marksmanship at an affordable price. For more information, or to find out if your program is eligible to purchase rifles through this promotional program, please contact Tommy Whitten, or 419-635-2141 ext. 713.




Daisy M853 USED Regular or Monte Carlo Stock Available

Used Daisy 853 with seals replaced and Chrono graphed to meet factory velocity requirements.

Includes: Front and Rear Sights, Sling and Butt plate Spacer

The used Daisy 853 Sporter Air Rifle is not eligible for the delayed payment program.

$125 each rifle
S&H $14.95 single rifle OR
$22.95 for two rifles

CMP will notify additional S&H charges for AK and HI residents on each Daisy Rifle ordered.