CMP Declares Moratorium on Strict Shooting Jacket Rule Enforcement for 2017 Season

By Steve Cooper, CMP General Manager

ANNISTON, AL – The Civilian Marksmanship Program has declared a moratorium on strict enforcement of rules on design and construction of shooting jackets for 2017 until specific procedures and measurement tools are developed to determine the maximum amount of support coats may provide to competitors.

“The CMP 2018 Rules will contain further clarifications concerning jacket design and construction specifics going forward,” said Mark Johnson, CMP’s Chief Operating Officer.  “The CMP strives to institute rules that promote true marksmanship skill and those that resist the equipment race (gamesmanship) facets of our sport.”

“The CMP’s matches are being developed to enhance competitor learning and increasing their own personal marksmanship skill set, not who can buy the best gadget for means of additional support or easier access to higher point totals,” Johnson said.

In 2017, the primary emphasis of the shooting jacket rule, 6.6.1 in the CMP Highpower Rifle and Pistol Competition Rules, 21st Edition – 2017, still applies. The rule states, in part, “Shooting jackets made of flexible material may be worn in CMP Rifle events.  Shooting jackets may have shoulder, sling and elbow pads providing those pads are not constructed so as to provide rigid artificial support.  Jacket constructions that use back braces (…) or other non-flexible materials are prohibited.”

For 2018, it is the CMP’s intent to provide a clear and concise definition of “flexibility” as it relates to support materials used in shooting jackets and a simple measurement process capable of passing or failing jackets across the entire spectrum of highpower rifle jackets in the marketplace.

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  1. I have own 3 coats. Only one has fit me that being my Monard. Since I am short in stature and have a stocky build the Monard with its 19 measurement works for me. Some say the back has a non-flexible material- this is false. It has three layers of a proprietary material that is flexible but stiffer than some. I did not purchase this coat for that reason and was unaware of that construction until questions arose. I purchase coat strictly for the overall fit. Cost was over $700.00 and if I am prohibited from using it I will rethink CMP competition.
  2. Any design change/modification should come from the competitors. The CMP should only review any proposed changes for practicality and not make line use of these changes mandatory. If a jacket complied for previous competition It should still be viable going forward. Any required change to new jacket technology should be on possibly a three year cycle. Retrofitting older jackets to new specs should be allowed. A shooting jacket is a major expense that could be mitigated significantly with use of a little common sense.
  3. Try to pay comment but it doesn't show, what gives? I am a person that in order to comfortably shoot need a custom built jacket as I'm short and stocky. The Monard fits that bill. The back is stiff but flexible unless you make an arbitrary rule saying otherwise. I have had my jacket 3 years and my shooting is basically the same as it was before except now I'm retired and can practice more regularly. With all the allowed modifications allowed to a rifle that does give advantage for those issued this jacket rule is petty. If my $700+ jacket gets to be considered unacceptable I will compete in NRA and skip CMP.
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  4. To whom it may concern, It is my understanding that the CMP is considering a rules revision relative to shooting coats for High Power competition and is accepting comments on this topic. My recommendation is to only allow coats made of canvas, with buttons (not straps) and with shoulder and elbow pads. The coat should not be constructed in a manner that provides artificial support to the shooting position. I have been shooting DCM/CMP and NRA High Power competition for over forty years and am Distinguished, Master and Grand Senior. I am 74 years of age and still shoot the M14 in competition and need the shoulder and elbow pads but do not need the artificial support. Respectively, Clyde Kunz
  5. What they should really be focused on is getting rid of the standing to sitting rapid fire.
  6. So just to be clear - Monard shooting jackets are "legal" for the 2017 matches, correct?
  7. Can you all just fire Mark Johnson, everything was fine until he took over!
    • Just to clarify, it is the CMP Rules Committee that reviews and makes the CMP Rule changes/clarifications. If you have suggestions or comments regarding CMP Rules, please email [email protected] so the committee may review your input.
  8. Re: As issued and Sniper matches If the goal is marksmanship why should we even have shooting jackets and gloves? The guys who used those weapons didn't have it!
  9. I am a new competitor for the 2018 season. Im 2 weeks away from buying my coat. When will the revised rules be posted. Thank you
    • The 2018 Rules are posted on our website at
  10. I totally agree with the comment above, jackets/coats shouldn’t be allowed,then there’s no advantage for $. You shoot the best you can and that’s it, not how tight you can strap yourself in.

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