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History of the National Trophy Rifle Matches

The National Trophy Rifle Matches trace their history to the 1903 legislation that established the first National Matches and appropriated funds to acquire the National “Dogs of War” Trophy. This trophy continues to be one of the most prestigious trophies that can be won through rifle shooting in the United States.

Today, the National Trophy Rifle Matches provide national championship competitions in service rifle events. Those events preserve the finest traditions of military marksmanship competition in the United States today. A total of 38 different National Trophies are awarded during the ten days of competition that now comprise National Trophy Rifle Week.

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Funding Support for Junior Competitors

The CMP National Matches Junior Highpower Support Program provides funding assistance to junior shooters who are attending the National Trophy Rifle Matches for the first or second time.

To be eligible, an application for support must be submitted in advance. The funding provides partial support for entry fees, travel and accommodations expense.

To receive funding, juniors must attend either the Rifle Small Arms Firing School or the USMC Junior High power Clinic, compete in both the President’s Rifle Match and the National Trophy Individual Rifle Match and be a firing member in either the National Trophy Junior Team Match or the Hearst Doubles Team Match.


National Trophy Rifle week at Camp Perry is always the biggest and most active week during the National Matches. In addition to the competitions themselves, there are many schools, clinics and special activities that combine to make this week a complete shooting sports experience for everyone who comes to the National Matches. Click here for more details.


The CMP will post National Trophy Pistol scores fired during the day on the Internet just as soon as scorecards come in. Tell your shooting club, team members and family members that they also can watch National Match results on the CMP web site at


During the National Trophy Rifle Matches, there are several important special awards that are presented to recognize the accomplishments of some of the best competitors in the matches.

  • National Civilian Rifle Team – The six highest scoring individual Civilian competitors in the National Trophy Team Match and the Team Captain and Team Coach of the team that wins the Soldier of Marathon Trophy (Civilian team champion) are named as members of the National Civilian Rifle Team. Each team member receives an Elihu Root medallion. 
  • National Junior Rifle Team – The six highest scoring Junior competitors in an aggregate of the President’s Rifle Match, the National Trophy Individual Rifle Match and the National Trophy Junior Team Match and the Team Captain and Team Coach of the team that wins the National Junior Team Freedom’s Fire Trophy are named as members of the National Junior Rifle Team. Each team member receives a Col. William L. Deneke Trophy plaque. 
  • National Championship Aggregates – There are several trophies awarded to competitors representing different categories who have the highest scores in aggregates involving the President’s, National Trophy Individual and National Trophy Team Matches. The Mountain Man Trophy is presented to honor an overall National Trophy Rifle Individual Champion. This award is based on an aggregate of scores fired in the President’s Rifle Match, National Trophy Individual Rifle Match and National Trophy Team Match. 


The National Matches Air Gun Matches will take place during the National Matches at the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center with its 80-point electronic target equipped range. Daily air gun matches programs will feature 30-shot pistol matches each day. A regular squadded National Matches Air Pistol Championship with a 60 shot course of fire may be fired on a date of each competitor’s choice. Check the National Matches Air Gun Events program for firing times. National Matches pistol competitors are encouraged to bring their air pistols to Camp Perry and to plan to compete in the daily re-entry matches and the 60-shot National Matches Air Pistol Championship.


While CMP policy prohibits endorsement of any company product or service, we would like to recognize the following companies that will award their own separate products to the top shooters of the National Trophy Rifle Matches.

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