National Match Team Entries

Civilian Marksmanship ProgramNational Match Team Entries
Each year, members of the junior team from California find themselves in a hairy (sometimes hair-LESS) situation, as they break out their razors to stand out amongst the other competitors.

Anyone wanting to compete in the Team Matches may purchase team cards prior to arriving at Camp Perry.  Below is the process for purchasing team cards.  If your schedule allows you to purchase team cards after you arrive at Camp Perry at the Welcome Center, the process will be the same as in years past.

Vera will complete your entry form and email you confirmation of your purchase. Please feel free to contact Vera if you have any questions:

 Team Card Forms

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Teams will be randomly squadded when team cards are purchased with the exception of the CMP National Trophy Infantry Team Match. This match is seeded based on scores from the 2019 National Trophy Infantry Team Match.

The coach or captain must give an email address and a cell phone number for questions or any changes that may occur.

Firing points, information and confirmation will be emailed to the coach/captain. If team cards are purchased at Camp Perry, you will receive confirmation at that time.  No additional confirmation will be emailed.

You may pay over the phone or upon arrival to Camp Perry.

Upon arrival to Camp Perry, you will pick up your packet containing scorecards, team confirmation cards, and pit puller cards (if needed for your team event). Pick up will be at the CMP Armory Welcome Center (In-Processing Bldg. 3)

All Team Squadding lists will be emailed to the coach/captain, posted on the CMP website, at the CMP Headquarters, and on Facebook.