Jennifer Schmitt


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I have been involved in the Shooting Sports for 27 awesome years... I started shooting at the age of 9 with my Dad encouraging me. I got my start with a Colt AR-15 shooting Highpower Rifle (Service Rifle, National Match Course) and have been shooting ever since, adding in Pistol, Smallbore and (occasionally) Air Rifle through the years. I have served as the NYS Junior Director / State Coordinator recognized by NYSRPA (NYS Rifle & Pistol Association), NRA, CMP and USA Shooting since 2006 and I enjoy what I do immensely. It is so much fun, especially to work with youth and watch them learn, grow and succeed in the Shooting Sports! After all, they are our future! I am also very involved in my local club, the Jamestown Rifle Club, where I serve as the Club Secretary, Webmaster and also as one of the Junior Coaches for our youth Smallbore & Air Rifle Program, since 2005. I have served as the Chairman of the Chautauqua County (NY) Friends of NRA Committee since 2015, working with an amazing group of volunteers with the goal of raising funds which will help grow NRA Programs on the national and local levels. I am also a Certified NRA Rifle Instructor, Pistol Instructor, Range Safety Officer, Coach and NYS Pistol Permit Instructor, so when I am not organizing Local or State Events, I usually can be found either teaching classes or coaching on the firing line.


In Highpower Rifle (Service Rifle, National Match Course), I hold a High Master Classification, have made the President’s Hundred cut, am a Distinguished Rifleman (#1452), National Champion (2000) and hold numerous range records which still stand today. In Smallbore Rifle, I am a 2x NRA Light Rifle Standing Indoor Sectional National Champion, hold a Sharpshooter Classification in Indoor 3-Position Metric Competition and am a State Champion in both NYS Sporter rifle and NYSRPA Light Rifle Competition.

Personal Info

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, developing/managing websites for organizations, spending time on Facebook and Pinterest and relaxing with friends and family. Although now I tend to spend a bit more time as admin than a competitor, I really look forward to the days that I can go to the range and put some rounds downrange myself! I fully believe that Ballistic Therapy is good for the soul!


I became a State Director because I wanted to use all of the knowledge and experience that I had gained in the Shooting Sports to benefit others in hopes of helping to grow the sport. I have been truly blessed with meeting and befriending many talented and inspirational folks in this sport, whom have supported me, guided me and taught me so much which helped me become the person I am and to have achieved so much... The best way I can think of to thank them and show my appreciation for all the time and help they gave me, is to continue on the work and “pay it forward” to everyone I work with, both on the range and in the classroom. I fully believe that having a lot of knowledge and experience and keeping it to yourself does nothing to grow the sport; sharing it and watching others take it and become successful themselves is far more rewarding AND also helps to keep the sport we love alive!


My hopes for the future of Junior Shooting in NY is to be able to keep alive as many opportunities for advancement as possible, despite the political climate. NY State has had many youth do very well in Regional, State, National and even International Competition and I would like to continue that tradition. In order to do so, I am working to develop more Junior Programs in existing Clubs as well as to help create new ones; to provide instruction at more locations for new youth participants to learn firearm safety and marksmanship; to grow participation in the State Junior Teams which travel and compete in National-level competitions and to bring more awareness of the benefits of Shooting Sports participation to youth statewide (character building traits, collegiate opportunities, law enforcement/military preparation and team cohesiveness). By doing so, it is my goal that our state youth will utilize the opportunities for advancement that are out there as to reach their full potential to both succeed in and grow the Shooting Sports.

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