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In 2023, the CMP Pistol Matches at Camp Perry will include the Pistol Small Arms Firing School & M9 EIC Match, the Pistol Warm-Up Match, the Pistol 2700 Aggregate, Team Matches, GSSF Glock National Challenge, Revolver Match, the CMP National Trophy Pistol Matches, Industry Day at the Range and CMP Pistol Games Matches. 

The first trophy awarded was the General Custer Trophy that annually goes to the National Trophy Individual Pistol Champion. The Custer Trophy was first contested in 1904. The Gold Cup National Trophy Team Trophy was initially awarded in 1920. Today, the National Trophy Pistol Matches provide pistol national championship competitions that preserve the finest traditions of military marksmanship in the United States. A total of 26 different National Trophies are now awarded during the National Trophy Pistol Matches. 


2024 National Match Pistol Schedule



While CMP policy prohibits endorsement of any company product or service, we would like to recognize the following companies that will award their own separate products to the top shooters of the National Trophy Pistol Matches.

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