National Trophy Junior Team Match

Civilian Marksmanship ProgramYouthNational Trophy Junior Team Match

GENERAL INFORMATION: The National Trophy Junior Team Match is a two-person team match where both team members fire the National Match Course of Fire with service rifles. The Deneke Trophy Aggregate honors the annual National Junior Service Rifle Team. This aggregate includes scores fired in this event together with scores from the President’s 100 and National Trophy Individual Matches. Junior service rifle competitors who cannot form an eligible State or Club team are eligible to compete on At-Large Teams so they can still compete for awards and the Deneke Trophy Aggregate.

The CMP will provide National Matches Junior Support funding for eligible competitors in the new National Trophy Junior Team Match. Find more information on our junior support program page.

COURSE OF FIRE: Two-person teams fire the National Match Course of Fire.

Table 7 — Rifle National Match Course

StageDistanceType of FireFiring PositionNumber of ShotsTime Limit
First200 yds.SlowStanding1010 min.
Second200 yds.RapidSitting or Kneeling from Standing1060 sec.
Third300 yds.RapidProne from Standing1070 sec.
Fourth600 yds.*SlowProne2020 min.

*The CMP may authorize the fourth stage to be fired at 500 yards for EIC matches other than the National Trophy Matches, if a 600-yard range is not available. The 600- yard MR target is used if firing is done at 500 yards.

TARGET PULLERS: Each team must provide one target puller to work in the pits. Target pullers must be experienced and physically able to handle targets for highpower rifles matches. Failure to provide capable target pullers may disqualify a team. Target pullers must go into the pits to their team’s assigned target. Team captains/coaches will be called to firing line at 6:30AM to turn in their Team Target Puller Assignment Cards. All target pullers must check in at the NM Welcome Center and receive CMP Competitor Labels.

SQUADDING: The National Trophy Junior Team Match will be fired on Rodriguez Range. Two teams will be squadded on each firing point.

RULES: Specific Rules governing the conduct of the National Trophy Junior Team Match are found in the CMP Highpower Rifle Competition Rules.

AWARDS: The winning State/Club team receives the Freedom’s Fire Trophy (the competitor receives a trophy plaque and his/her name is permanently engraved on the trophy; the trophy is retained by the CMP on permanent display at Camp Perry), and Freedom’s Fire Trophy medallions. CMP Recognition Plaques will be presented to the 2nd and 3rd place teams. The CMP will provide gold, silver and bronze Freedom’s Fire medallions for the two firers, team coach and team captain of the 20 highest scoring State/Club teams and the five highest scoring At-Large teams.

ENTRY FEES: $30.00 per team. The entry deadline is the close of In-Processing the day before the match. Team cards are available for purchase online prior to arriving at Camp Perry. The NTJT Entry Confirmation Card must be completed with labels for each team member, coach and captain. This card must be turned in to CMP staff no later than the start of the first NTJT preparation period the day of the match.  Team captains/coaches will be called to firing line at 6:30 AM to turn in their Team Target Puller Assignment Cards. Team coaches, team captains and target pullers who are not competitors in the National Trophy Matches can register as a Non-Firing Team Official. There is no charge for this registration.

2018 WINNER: Wisconsin Cheddar, 978-28X

NATIONAL MATCHES RECORD: CA Grizzlies Team Shilen, 979-39X, 2016