Services for the M1 Garand

Civilian Marksmanship ProgramCustom ShopServices for the M1 Garand
Item #DescriptionPrice
CS165Basic barrel Installation and Headspace (Price shown is for labor only and does not include the cost of the barrel. See CMP Custom Shop Inventory list for current barrels available.) This service includes the removal of the old barrel and installation of a new barrel. The chamber will be finish reamed to give proper headspace within military specifications. Applicable for standard length and contour .308 and 30-06 barrels. The take off barrel will be returned unless directed otherwise. Used GI barrels can also be installed but due to high headspace failure rate, fee will apply whether successful or not. Barrels in .308 will require the purchase of our nylon filler block spacer(item number NLU PC008).$75
CS165.5Delux barrel installation (Price shown is for labor only and does not include the cost of the barrel. See CMP Custom Shop Inventory list for current barrels available.) Includes everything in CS165 with the addition of precision bolt lapping.
CS166Krieger GI Contour Match Barrel Installation (Price shown is for labor only and does not include the cost of the barrel. Requires the purchase of our CSM1BBLGI that is listed on our CMP Custom Shop Inventory List (the customer can also provide the barrel). This barrel installation includes: lapping the bolt lugs and precision lathe chambering., crowning and headspacing. Please specify either 30-06 or .308 chambering. Barrels in .308 will require the
purchase of our nylon filler block spacer (item number NLU PC008).
CS165.5Krieger HEAVY match barrel installation (barrel not included). This service applies to only the installation of one of our Krieger Heavy match barrels and requires the purchase of our NLU-CSM1BBL barrel (not in included). This service includes lapping the bolt lugs, precision lathe chambering (in either 30-06 or .308), crowning and head spacing. This service requires the modification of the gas cylinder (not NM), the opening up of the stock channel and rear hand guard to provide needed clearance (there is no additional charge for this). When requesting this NLU please make sure you specify either 30-06 or .308 chambering. Chambering your barrel for .308 will require the additional purchase of our spacer NLU-PC008.
CS167Tanker Conversion Labor Package: Includes modification of op rod to tanker spec with general rebuild and refinish, alteration of the hand guard and it’s liner to tanker length, shortening of the op rod spring, modification to follower rod, and modification of the lower band for proper op rod clearance. Standard sight in service with a target is provided. Installation of adjustable gas system (not included) is recommended. Barrel and Barrel Installation sold separately.$600
 CS170M1-D Conversion Labor Package: Includes barrel removal, machining of existing barrel to appropriate dimensions, proper installation of scope mount, and reassembly of rifle. Mount not included.$200
CS100Gas cylinder assembly refinish.
This service includes applying a blackening oxidizer to a Garand gas cylinder, lock and lock screw (the three stainless steel parts on a Garand), this finish replicates the original finish applied to post war components. If you have a stacking swivel and a front sight mounted, they can be refinished with the gas cylinder (no extra charge) so removal is unnecessary. Remember that the front sight and stacking swivel will not be parkerized but rather blackened with the oxidizer which is similar in appearance to Parkerizing but darker.
CS101Rifle metal refinish-Parkerize all metal parts. This service includes the disassembly of the rifle, surface preparation and the parkerizing of the metal parts. Rifle will be reassembled and function fired. It is important to note that the exact color or tint of the finish will vary depending on the type and hardness of the steel, but it will generally be a medium gray.(Removal of pitting is not included). The stainless steel components will go through a finish process specifically for stainless steel.$200
CS102Fit new stock to existing rifle, return old wood (Price shown is for labor only and does not include the cost of the stock. See CMP Custom Shop Inventory list for pricing of our 082M.) This service includes the removal of the old stock and transfer of the stock hardware from the old stock to the new stock if needed. We will also make sure the hand guards have appropriate clearances and the trigger group lock-up is properly tight, but not too tight.$35
CS103Stock set refinish-standard. This service includes the removal of the old finish/surface oil, sanding as necessary to remove minor surface blemishes. Special attention is given to maintaining the sharp edges and stock contours. Application of a military color stain and hybrid tung oil matte finish sealer is included. Repairs and special needs will be quoted before performing the work.Starting at $175
CS104Glass bed. This service includes glass bedding the action but does not include floating the front hand guard. (see Work Code CS106) Acraglass Gel will be used unless customer specifies another bedding material.$200
CS106Float the front hand guard. This is a fragile modification and not recommmended for everyone. This service is only available in conjunction with bedding listed above. This work includes knurling the barrel where the lower band fits as well as permanently affixing the front hand guard to the lower band and creating clearance between the hand guard and the barrel.$85
CS106.5NM modification of the gas cylinder. This modification increases clearance between the rear of the gas cylinder andboth the barrel and front hand guard, typically done as part of a complete NM conditioning. This specific modification is now legal in CMP “As-Issued” matches. National match front sight not included.$65
CS107Op rod overhaul or exchange (labor and parts). This service includes the replacement of the piston and the reconstruction of the tab that rides in the receiver channel. Straightening and reparkerizing is also included. Due to the time it takes to have an op rod rebuilt, we offer an exchange program where our armorers can exchange your rebuildable op rod for one that has already been rebuilt for the same price.$85
CS108Full National Match upgrade package (NO PARTS INCLUDED). This package includes the following work codes: CS104, CS106, CS106.5, CS109, CS111, and 110.5. Also includes barrel spline peening to tighten the fit of the gas cylinder on the barrel as well as careful assembly and fitment of all parts. Specify if you want the front hand guard liner left-in or removed.$550
CS109Trigger clean up, remove creep, 4.5 lb+. This service includes the removal of all noticable creep but maintains a crisp military two stage trigger pull and a trigger weight of at least 4.5 lb.. Reducing the weight of the trigger pull is not the objective of this service.$65
CS110.5NM 1/2 minute rear sight upgrade (HOODED APERTURE NOT INCLUDED). This service includes the modification of the receiver and windage knob to provide 1/2 minute windage adjustment. Customer must also purchase our hooded rear sight aperture and front sight assembly, item numbers NLU 091 (NM front sight – $40.00) provide one for us to use or provide equivalent parts for us to use.$75
CS111Sight in, 100 yd. zero (WE SUPPLY AMMO). This service includes a 100 yard off the bench sight in by one of our staff. A target will be included. Not a necessity but this will show real world accuracy potential and get you on target.$75
CS112General Technical Inspection (NO PARTS INCLUDED). This service includes full disassembly and cleaning of your rifle. Full inspection and gauging of parts. An inspection report will be provided giving the customer information about the condition of the rifle.$100
General repair labor, per hour.
CSM1BBLKrieger Heavy Barrel (30-06 or .308)- $399 + CS166.5 Krieger Heavy Barrel Install- $265.00 
CSM1BBLGIKrieger GI Contoured Barrel (30-06 or .308)- $367.50 + CS166 Krieger GI Barrel Install- $200.00 
CSM1TANKERCriterion M1 Tanker Barrel (30-06 only)- $200.00 + CS165.5 Deluxe Barrel Install- $125.00 + CS167 Tanker Conversion Labor Package- $600