Services for the M1 Carbine

Civilian Marksmanship ProgramCustom ShopServices for the M1 Carbine
Item #DescriptionPrice
CS265Barrel Installation and Headspace (Price shown is for labor only and does not include the cost of the barrel. See CMP Custom Shop Inventory list current barrels available.) This service includes the removal of the old barrel and installation of a new barrel. The chamber will be finish reamed to give proper headspace within military specifications. Applicable for standard barrels in .30 carbine. Rifle will be function fired. The take off barrel will be returned unless directed otherwise. Used GI barrels can also be installed but due to high headspace failure rate, fee will apply whether successful or not.$190
CS301Rifle metal refinish-Parkerize all metal parts. This service includes the disassembly of the rifle, surface preparation and the parkerizing of the metal parts. Rifle will be reassembled and function fired. It is important to note that the exact color or tint of the finish will vary depending on the type and hardness of the steel, but it will generally be a medium gray.(Removal of pitting is not included).$285
CS305Stock set refinish-standard. This service includes the removal of the old finish/surface oil, sanding asnecessary to remove minor surface blemishes. Special attention is given to maintaining the sharp edges and stock contours. Application of a commercial color stain and application of a commercial tung oil matte finish sealer is included. Repairs and special needs will be quoted before performing the work.Starting at $285
CS207Slide overhaul or exchange. This service includes the reconstruction of the tab that rides in the receiver channel. Straightening and reparkerizing is also included as needed. Due to the time it takes to have a slide rebuilt, we offer an exchange program where our armorers can exchange your rebuildable slide for one that has already been rebuilt for the same price.$190
General repair labor, per hour.