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Russ & Vickie Evans were surprised at the 2011 NRA National Convention in Pittsburg when they were presented with an award from the Director of the NRA Education & Training Department, Bill Poole. They were the recipients of the first Colonel Charles H. Mitchell “Trainers of Distinction Award”. The award was presented for:
  • 24+ years of coaching the Vienna Cougars Jr. Rifle Team and supporting local junior shooting clubs.
  • 24+ years of running Smallbore and Air Rifle NRA Regionals, Sectionals, and State Championships.
  • 24+ Years of working at and Managing National Matches Junior Camp, Camp Perry, OH.


Vickie Evans is the Executive Director of Vienna Cougars Junior Rifle Team. She has managed the Vienna Staff & Programs since 1987. Currently, she serves as one of the Civilian Marksmanship State Directors along with her husband for Ohio. Vickie also has worked as the Chief Administration & Planning Officer for the National Rifle Association’s National Junior Camp at the U.S. National Matches at Camp Perry, OH, for 25 years. She serves as the Statistical Officer for Ohio’s Junior 4‐Position, 3 Position, Standing Air Rifle, Three Position Air Rifle NRA Sectionals and the USA Junior Olympic Smallbore as well as Outdoor State Championships. She also serves as Director of North East Ohio League and the 14‐team match season. She is a past Vice President of the Ohio Rifle & Pistol Assoc. Russ Evans is Head Coach of the Vienna Cougars Junior Rifle Team since 1985. He is an NRA/USA Level 3 International Certified Shooting Coach & Chief Range Safety Officer. Russ also serves as a member of the National Coach Development Staff, (teaches Certified Coach Schools & Range Safety Officer Classes, approved to run National Shooting Camps). Currently he serves as a Civilian Marksmanship State Director for Ohio along with his wife. He has also served as Head Coach & Assistant Director National Matches Jr. Camp at the US National Matches at Camp Perry, OH for 25 years. He is the Match Director for Ohio’s Junior 4‐Position, 3 Position, Standing Air Rifle, Three Position Air Rifle NRA Sectionals and the USA Junior Olympic Smallbore as well as Outdoor State Championships. Russ also is the Ohio Rifle & Pistol Association State Jr. Smallbore Director. He has coached the Vienna Cougars I in North East Ohio Junior Rifle League and holds a record of 319 wins – 6 losses & 1 tie. His team has been undefeated the last 23 years with 301 consecutive wins. Currently the Vienna Cougars Rifle Team has alumni shooting for Ohio State (2), University of Akron (2), and The United States Naval Academy(1).

Green Springs Youth Athlete Earns National Distinguished Marksmanship Honor

Claudia Muzik, 16, of Green Springs, Ohio, recently earned her Junior Distinguished Badge – a respected award in the youth air rifle community that only 1,600 others have earned in the badge’s 20-year history.

Claudia received Badge #1623 during the CMP Awards Ceremony.
Claudia received her Junior Distinguished Badge at the 2022 National Three-Position Championship at Camp Perry.

“It’s always been my goal to earn my Distinguished Badge,” said Claudia, who now holds Badge #1623. “I was speechless when I found out and was so proud that all my hard work paid off.”

Growing up just a short drive from Camp Perry, home to the annual National Rifle and Pistol Matches and CMP’s Headquarters, Claudia’s interest in marksmanship began when she was just seven years old. It was then that her dad, Matt, began taking her to Open Public timeslots – a weekly opportunity hosted by the CMP within its 80-point indoor electronic air gun range at the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center on Camp Perry’s grounds. Guests of Open Public are free to engage in air rifle or air pistol practice and fun, with the help of CMP personnel. 

Claudia smiles between shots during her training.
Claudia has been practicing at the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center since she began her marksmanship career.

After becoming a regular attendee of the range, it didn’t take long for Claudia to quickly fall for the sport and eager to become more involved. Matt wanted to provide his daughter and area juniors an avenue to build their abilities, so he spent a decade honing his own knowledge in marksmanship – earning a number of coaching certifications and staying involved for nearly five years with Claudia’s first team, the Ottawa County Shooting Stars 4-H squad.

In the summer of 2020, Matt combined forces with other adult leaders to form the American Legion Post 295 Marksmanship Team. Claudia now practices regularly with the team as one of its many members, strengthening her skills while keeping a close connection to her dad through their mutual pastime.

Claudia in the kneeling position.
Claudia is a member of her local American Legion Post 295 team, coached by her dad.

“We have a great relationship,” Claudia said of Matt. “We butt heads a lot, probably because we are so alike.” 

She went on, “My dad does not accept anything less than my best and pushes me to my limits so I can achieve my goals. He sacrifices a lot for me and my shooting career so that one day hopefully I can shoot in college.”

Claudia firing in standing during the match.
She trains about five days a week and enters as many matches as possible to refine her abilities.

Claudia currently trains about five days a week, even within in her own home, and enters as many matches as possible.

“To get as much experience that I can,” she explained.

She has expanded her involvement outside of three-position air rifle into 60 shot standing, .22 caliber smallbore, highpower rifle and pistol competitions.

Claudia aiming downrange.
She has moved from only competing in three-position events to 60 shot standing matches too. 

“I enjoy the challenge and the memories I make with other athletes at events,” she said. 

For other juniors in search of their own badge, Claudia has simple yet valuable advice.

Claudia concentrating during a match.
Claudia’s advice to other juniors is to practice a lot and never give up.

“Practice a lot and don’t give up on yourself,” she said. “Set goals, and then when you make them, set new goals.”

Now that she’s earned her Junior Distinguished Badge, Claudia’s own fresh set of goals include earning the Distinguished title in other disciplines as well as continuing her career into college and, maybe one day, onto the Olympic stage.

Claudia with her dad after the Rimfire Sporter Match.
Claudia participated in the National Rimfire Sporter Match with her dad during the CMP National Matches at Camp Perry in July. 

Claudia will be heading to Puerto Rico in a few weeks to participate in the Sports Shooting Invitational in 10/50 meters. Good Luck to Claudia!

Distinguished Badges are the highest individual awards authorized by the U. S. Government for excellence in marksmanship competition. Badges are presented by the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) after an individual receives at least 30 Excellence-In-Competition (EIC) points at qualifying matches. 

Currently, the CMP offers Distinguished Badge programs for Service Rifle, Service Pistol, .22 Rimfire Pistol, International, Smallbore Rifle, 60 Shot Air Rifle, 60 Shot Air Pistol, Revolver Pistol and impaired adaptive athletes. The Junior Distinguished Badge is also presented to young athletes in three-position air rifle competition (featuring 20 shots at prone, standing and kneeling positions) who earn enough accumulative points by placing within the top percentage of the events. 

Learn more about the Distinguished Badge program by visiting the CMP website at

Johnathan Dorsten Named CMP’s Overall Junior Scholarship Recipient

Johnathan Dorsten, 18, of Bryan, Ohio, has been chosen as the 2022 Dr. Carolyn Hines Memorial Scholarship Recipient.

Johnathan Dorsten with the CMP Scholarship check.
Johnathan Dorsten was chosen as the 2022 Dr. Carolyn Hines Memorial Scholarship Recipient.

The Dr. Carolyn Hines Memorial Scholarship is part of the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s (CMP) annual scholarship agenda. Each year, the CMP awards $1,000 to marksmanship student-athletes who exhibit excellence in several areas including academics, extra-curricular activities and community service. 

Standout candidates are also selected by the CMP Scholarship Committee to receive additional money toward their future endeavors for displaying extraordinary credentials. Those chosen receive $3,000 scholarships, while one $5,000 Carolyn Hines Memorial Scholarship is awarded to the top overall recipient.

Johnathan receives the CMP Scholarship check from DCME Gary Anderson.
Dorsten received his scholarship check from DCM Emeritus and north air range namesake, Gary Anderson.

“I am very honored to receive the overall CMP Scholarship,” Dorsten said. “I knew I worked hard and represented myself well in my application, but I was surprised to learn I received it – there were many other strong applicants.”

“I am very grateful for the CMP,” he added. “It has given me many opportunities and helped me become the young man I am today.”

Johnathan aiming his pistol downrange.
Dorsten has been involved with marksmanship since he was in third grade.

Dorsten’s passion for marksmanship began in the third grade as a member of his local 4-H, when he participated in archery in 2011. He stuck with the group for the next decade – adding smallbore pistol, rifle, crossbow and shotgun to his repertoire. He also served as president of the club for four years.

“Being involved in 4-H has played a fundamental role in my shooting career,” he said. “It gave me my foundation in shooting and introduced me to air pistol. 4-H has also taught me many life lessons and helped me excel as a person. I have learned teamwork, leadership and responsibility, all through 4-H.”

Johnathan loading his pistol
He competed at the Camp Perry Open air gun match in May.

Over his career, Dorsten has been a gold medalist in the Ohio Junior Olympic state qualifying matches in men’s air pistol and has placed second and third, respectively, at the CMP’s Camp Perry Open and the USA Shooting Winter Air Gun Match.

In 2021, Dorsten led the 60 Shot Pistol category of the CMP’s Monthly Match League – topping over 160 athletes entered into the air gun competition. That same year, he was the leading SASP (Scholastic Action Shooting Program) International National Championship male pistol shooter.

His leap into air pistol competition began in 2018 when he represented his team, the Buckeye Bullet Busters, in the event at the 4-H Shooting Sports National Championships in Grand Island, Nebraska. He had never touched an air pistol before being asked to participate in the match, so it was a tall task to fulfill. 

Johnathan poses with his air pistol.
Dorsten is a member of the National Junior Pistol Team and has competed internationally.

“It was a challenge and something new, shooting related,” he said of the opportunity. “One of my close friends also went in air pistol, so we figured, either way, we will just go and have a fun time.” 

He quickly acquired a low-end competition pistol and made the 90-mile trek to the CMP’s Gary Anderson Competition Center at Camp Perry to give the sport a try. There, CMP staff members took Dorsten and his teammate under their wings and showed them the basics of international air pistol. The two took easily to the sport and soon invested in some more advanced equipment and regular trips to Camp Perry to practice.

“I love Camp Perry for several reasons,” he explained. “First, it was the first range I ever shot at. I practiced there quite often and learned to get used to the range. It is a state-of-the-art facility and the nicest I have shot at so far. The people at the range are also some of the nicest around. They have helped and supported me from day one.”

Johnathan on the firing line
Outside of marksmanship, Dorsten maintained a high GPA and scores a 30 on his ACT.

After many hours of dry-firing and diligent practice, Dorsten competed in the 4-H Nationals and reached second place overall out of the field of nearly 50 competitors – trailing first by less than a point.

“Coming so close to first was more than a dream come true,” he said. “It was unbelievable at first. I was very young compared to the other shooters, and I could not believe what I had just accomplished.”

He has since grown to become a member of the USA Shooting National Junior Team and has even competed internationally, like at the 2021 El Salvador Junior Grand Prix where he finished ninth overall – missing the final by only three points.

Johnathan on the firing line ready to fire
Continuing his career, Dorsten will become a member of The Ohio State University pistol team in 2022.

“I enjoy marksmanship because I’m able to practice and excel,” he said. “I have never been a star athlete in high school sports, but with shooting, I can achieve my full potential. I also enjoy the many friends and mentors I have met through shooting. It really is my second family.”

Outside of marksmanship, Dorsten served as co-captain of his soccer team and participated in tennis. He has also been active within his church – volunteering in several service projects over the years. A graduate of Bryan High School, he finished with a GPA of 3.95 and even achieved a score of 30 on the ACT. He reached the honor roll all four years, has kept busy with a local engineering internship and has been a member of the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation All-Scholastic Team in 2019, 2020 and 2021. Unsurprisingly, he’s also a member of the National Honor Society.

Looking to the future, Dorsten has committed to The Ohio State University, majoring in agricultural mechanical engineering and earning a spot on the air pistol team. 

“I look forward to the family atmosphere and coaching the team provides,” he said of Ohio State. “I am also excited to take the specific classes related to my career and meet many new friends.”

Johnathan focuses before taking his next shot
With his talents, Dorsten hopes to one day compete in the Olympics.

In the next ten years, Dorsten plans to continue shooting, with the goal of competing in the 2028 Olympic Games. After that, who knows – but no matter what it is, Dorsten will certainly be on the firing line, one way or another.

“Marksmanship has played a large teaching role in my life,” Dorsten has said in the past. “I’m thankful for these lessons – they will not only help me at shooting but will help me succeed in life as well.”

Civilian Marksmanship Program Offers First-Rate Facilities for Locals to Enjoy

Ready to try something new? Planning your next family or friend group get-together? Look no further than the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s public events! 

With its headquarters and facilities located on the grounds of the Camp Perry National Guard Training Facility, the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) offers marksmanship prospects not only to the those around the country but within the Port Clinton area as well. The wide variety of programs provide something for everyone! Whether an experienced marksman or a beginner who has never fired before, CMP’s educated staff members are always on-site to ensure safety and to welcome those to a sport that’s accessible right in Ohio’s own backyard.

Firing line in the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center
CMP’s air gun range at Camp Perry hosts weekly Open Public timeslots for new and experienced guests.

Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center:

The Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center features authentic Olympic memorabilia and other items from the career of celebrated American marksman, Gary Anderson, for observers to enjoy as well as an 80-point indoor electronic air gun range. The climate-controlled facility hosts Open Public Nights every week, where individuals of all ages are welcome to bring their own air rifle or air pistol to fire for practice or fun. Those who are new to the sport and may not own an air gun are welcome to rent one from the CMP during their visit. The air guns use pellets for firing and are easy to handle – no noise or kickback!

The range is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Guests may also visit by appointment Monday through Thursday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. And don’t forget, the CMP hosts Monthly Matches for those who are ready for competition! To learn more about the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center, visit

Competitor shooting at Petrarca Range
Petrarca Range at Camp Perry holds both open shooting and competitive matches throughout the year.

Petrarca Range:

For the more experienced, Petrarca is home to 10 electronic rifle targets set at 100 yards and five cardboard pistol targets at 50 feet or 25 to 50 yards! Those interested in short-range zeroing may use the targets to accurately simulate 200, 300 and 600 yards. Benches are also available for those wishing to have extra support while firing. The CMP Bench Match is available for those marksmen interested in competing. Guests to Petrarca must provide his/her own equipment and ammo. The range is open to the public every Monday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and other designated timeslots. Learn more at

National Matches smallbore competitors shooting in prone
Each year, the CMP hosts the National Matches that feature a variety of rifle and pistol events.

National Matches:

The annual National Matches, a staple at Camp Perry since 1907, is a major marksmanship event that features rifle, pistol and air gun competitions and clinics throughout the summer months. The event also hosts Commercial Row, where industry vendors provide a variety of supplies and other necessities, available for purchase. Competitors and guests of all ages and experience levels are welcome to attend the annual National Matches. 

Several opportunities for novice marksmen are available during the Matches, scheduled this year from July 12-Aug. 12, 2022. Along with numerous courses and competitions suitable for beginners, those looking to try something new or to polish their skills should sign up for the Small Arms Firing School – a combination of classroom education and hands-on instruction on fundamentals, competition basics and safety. Training is led by members of military marksmanship teams as well as certified CMP instructors. At the conclusion of the course, students fire real competitions on the range, with instructors nearby. Equipment is provided by the CMP, with participants only needing a willingness to learn in order to attend. Currently, the CMP offers Small Arms Firing Schools for M16 Rifle, M9 Pistol, and .22 caliber Rimfire Sporter and Smallbore rifles.

Read about all the 2022 National Matches by visiting the CMP website at

CMP North Store photo
The CMP North Store, open all year, offers firearms, equipment and other sales items.

CMP North Store:

While at Camp Perry, guests may visit the CMP North Store – attached to CMP’s long headquarters office building, Building 3, on base. The store offers firearm sales, ammo, marksmanship equipment and CMP memorabilia needs.

Ready to learn more? Visit the CMP website at to view all the available programs offered throughout the year! 

About the CMP:

The CMP is a federally chartered non-profit corporation dedicated to firearm safety and marksmanship training as well as the promotion of marksmanship competition across the United States. Though the CMP places an emphasis on youth, the organization strives to provide both competitive and learning opportunities for all ages. 

CMP’s Camp Perry National Matches Educational Clinics Offer Something for Every Competitor

Ready to learn more about marksmanship?

Coach with rifle competitor on the firing line
CMP’s courses offer hands-on attention to individuals for safety and personal instruction for all.

The National Matches at Camp Perry, which attracts thousands of guests each year to the historic ranges of the Ohio National Guard Training Facility, is an oasis of rifle and pistol competitions designed for experienced marksmen and curious individuals who simply want to try something new. Outside of competition, the National Matches offers an array of educational courses for those with fresh eyes on the sport as well as those eager to further develop their skills. Courses span from junior to adult – delivering a little something for everyone.

Below is a guide (ranked from Beginner to Advanced) on available learning events at the 2022 Camp Perry National Matches, set to fire July 12-Aug. 13.

A member of the USAMU Rifle Team helps instruct the prone position to a student in the Small Arms Firing School
The U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit leads the Smallbore SAFS course, open to all wanting to know more about the sport.

BEGINNER – Small Arms Firing Schools (SAFS):

One of the most popular events of the National Matches, the SAFS course is a combination of classroom education and hands-on instruction on fundamentals, competition basics and safety. Training is led by members of military marksmanship teams as well as certified CMP instructors. At the conclusion of the course, students fire real competitions on the range, with instructors nearby. Equipment is provided by the CMP, with participants only needing a willingness to learn in order to attend. Currently, the CMP offers Small Arms Firing Schools for Pistol (M9), Smallbore Rifle, .22 caliber Rimfire Sporter Rifle and Highpower Rifle (M16) during the National Matches as well as an Advanced SAFS course for further training.

CMP Armorer teaching a class about M1 Maintenance
The M1 Maintenance Clinic guides guests on the best practices for maintaining the vintage firearm.

BEGINNER – M1 Maintenance Clinic:

CMP Armorers will present this two-hour clinic on disassembly, assembly and maintenance of the M1 Garand Rifle. Special attention will be given to accurizing steps that can be taken with the rifle while maintaining its legality for CMP-sanctioned As-Issued Military Rifle Matches. Topics such as head space, barrel installation, component purpose/function, general rifle assembly, rifle/component maintenance and various other techniques will be covered during the course.

A member of the USAMU Rifle Team helps to explain trigger control to a student during the Small Arms Firing School
Participants in CMP National Matches clinics receive one-on-one instruction.

BEGINNER – As-Issued Military Rifle Clinics:

Any CMP Games competitors who have not previously fired in one of these matches are required to attend a clinic before they fire. All other competitors in these matches are encouraged to attend and take advantage of the information presented.

These free one-hour clinics will cover the Garand-Springfield-Vintage Matches with instruction and demonstrations. Topics include match rules, shooting positions and techniques, scoring and pit pulling procedures and how to fire the courses of fire. The clinic is open to all competitors.

A member of the USMC Rifle Team instructs a junior competitor on the firing line during the USMC Rifle Clinic
More experienced juniors may attend the USMC clinic, taught by current marksmanship professionals.

INTERMEDIATE – U.S. Marine Corps Junior Highpower Clinic:

The three-day clinic gives focus to more advanced training outside of fundamentals, including weather conditions, how to read wind, equipment use, shooting positions and rulebook standards. Juniors in the clinic spend one day in the classroom, followed by two days of live-fire on the range at 200, 300 and 600 yards. Those young athletes who would like to attend this clinic must first attend the Rifle Small Arms Firing School.

Students during the CMP Range Officer Course
CMP offers educational courses to individuals on a number of topics.

INTERMEDIATE – CMP RO Level II Training Course:

The Range Officer (RO) Training Course program, offered at three levels of instruction, was developed by the CMP to provide education for those interested in serving as qualified Range Officers in CMP sponsored and sanctioned competitions. Certification is available in different shooting disciplines, such as Bullseye Pistol, Smallbore Rifle, Rimfire Sporter Rifle and Highpower Rifle – all offered on the National Matches schedule. Individuals who attend the course will be able to take their valuable knowledge back home to apply within their own local ranges. Learn more at

Certified instructor is coaching on the air rifle firing line during the Junior Smallbore and Air Rifle Camp
Juniors may learn more about smallbore and air rifle during the National Matches.

INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED – Junior Smallbore and Air Rifle Camp:

The camp is open to intermediate and advanced junior athletes who shoot both three-position smallbore and standing or international air rifle. Instruction is held on CMP’s outdoor Petrarca Range and within the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center indoor air range, both located on the grounds of Camp Perry. Participants must be between the ages of 12 to 20 and currently involved in three-position smallbore competition matches and international air rifle. Camp will cover safety and a reinforced understanding of the fundamentals, among several other points of interest. Those juniors hoping to move their marksmanship careers on to college are encouraged to sign up for this valuable course.

A CMP Instructor is teaching a wind class during the Team CMP Advanced Highpower Clinic
CMP’s Advanced Clinic showcases specific instruction on areas such as wind calling and other complex topics.

ADVANCED – Team CMP Advanced Highpower Clinic:

Led by members of CMP Gold (CMP’s own competitive highpower squad), the Advanced Highpower Clinic offers more complex instruction in service rifle competition techniques using classroom and range discussion. Though the class traditionally utilizes only dry-fire training on the range, in 2021, a 600-yard live-fire portion was added. This course is only open to those who have attended the Advanced Small Arms Firing School at least once and have an “Expert” classification with the CMP or National Rifle Association.

Learn more about these and other educational opportunities on the CMP website at

Registration Now Open for 2022 National Matches Junior Smallbore and Air Rifle Camp

CAMP PERRY, Ohio – Junior marksmen looking to move their careers into college are encouraged to sign up for the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s (CMP) 2022 National Matches Junior Camp! The camp offers hands-on, comprehensive training from a team of certified coaches and is a valuable asset for those young athletes eager to improve his or her skills on the firing line.

Instructor coaching junior
The camp is designed for ages 12-20 and includes hands-on smallbore training on the range.

The National Matches Junior Camp is scheduled for July 23-27, 2022, and is open to intermediate and advanced junior athletes who shoot both three-position smallbore and standing or international air rifle. Instruction is held on Camp Perry’s outdoor Petrarca Range and within the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center indoor air range, both located on the grounds of Camp Perry in Port Clinton, Ohio. 

Participants must be between the ages of 12 to 20 and currently involved in three-position smallbore competition matches and international air rifle. Students who have not reached their 18th birthday by July 23, 2022, must be accompanied by an adult (age 21 or older).

Instructor teaching class
Campers will take part in class discussion that includes a safety review and a deeper look into rifle essentials.

Camp begins with a basic safety review, followed by a reinforced understanding of the fundamentals and detailed instruction on smallbore prone, standing and kneeling positions – among several other points of interest. The lineup of certified coaches, safety officers and National Matches Support Staff members are dedicated to providing a safe and supportive learning experience for junior participants. 

Also included within the camp will be a 50- and 100-yard prone “Dewar Match” on Petrarca Range as well as a 60 Shot International Air Rifle event. Each will be fired upon CMP’s own state-of-the-art electronic target line.

Rifle junior with coach on firing line
The Junior Camp also includes air rifle training at the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center, featuring electronic targets.

Cost of camp is $250 for early entry and $275 after May 1. Campers must provide their own three-position smallbore target rifles (equipment and ammunition), though the CMP has sporter air rifles available for use in the air range. Class is limited to 71 students, so be sure to sign up early!

Questions about the camp may be addressed to Head Coach Russ Evans at 330-534-5344 or [email protected].

Learn more by visiting the CMP website at We hope to see you on the range for this fun and constructive opportunity!

About the Gary Anderson Competition Center:

The Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center is a marksmanship sporting facility that includes an open reception and common area, fully equipped classrooms, cylinder filling room and CMP retail store. The building also houses large projection screens and flat-screen television sets as well as authentic Olympic memorabilia and other remarkable items from the career of decorated American marksman, Gary Anderson. The facility’s 80-point air gun range is attached to the main area and equipped with innovative electronic targets.

About CMP Targets at Petrarca Range:

Petrarca Range is located next to the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center. The range contains 10 CMP Targets, an electronic line powered by Kongsberg Target Systems, which work through the power of acoustics – “hearing” the shot and accurately determining its location. Paper smallbore targets will be used for this junior clinic.

Both ranges are open to the public weekly. Find more on these ranges, including a complete hourly schedule, at

CMP Introduces New National Air Gun Event for Adult and Junior Athletes

Over the past year, the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) has received several requests to sanction more air rifle and air pistol events for all age groups as athletes look for more competitive outlets. As a solution, the CMP has created the National Air Gun Championship: a three-day set of matches for adult and junior athletes. 

Air rifle competitors on the firing line.
Joining a series of events offered throughout the year, the CMP will now offer a National Air Gun Championship in July.

The Inaugural National Air Gun Championship will be considered part of the Camp Perry National Matches in 2022 and is set to fire July 16-18 at the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center in Ohio. The scheduled timeslot allows the CMP’s junior 3PAR National Championship, the Air Gun Championship and the National Matches Smallbore events to all be fired consecutively on the grounds of Camp Perry. The National Air Gun match also follows the National Matches Pistol series, granting those individuals the chance to participate as well.

“This program will integrate easily into matches we already host and will especially complement our Smallbore program, since many air rifle and smallbore competitors fire both disciplines,” said Katie Harrington, CMP program coordinator of the event. “We’re optimistic that the addition of this new National Air Gun Match will help many of our programs grow as we produce more opportunities for our participants.” 

Pistol competitors on the firing line.
The National Air Gun Championship will feature both air rifle and air pistol competition for all ages.

The National Air Gun event will include a day of training, a two-member team elimination match and two days of 60-shot competitions that includes a four-member team match. The 60 Shot matches are also considered USA Shooting Designated Ranking events.

Having already upheld an established air gun program for decades, the CMP currently maintains two state-of-the-art electronic target 10-meter indoor facilities: the South CMP Competition Center in Alabama and the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center in Ohio. International-style air rifle and air pistol matches offered throughout the year at the CMP’s Competition Centers include the Monthly Matches, Camp Perry Open and Dixie Double – each open to both adult and junior athletes.

Precision rifle competitor aiming downrange.
The National Air Gun Championship is a way for adults to continue their air rifle careers beyond their junior years.

The goal of introducing fresh matches to the air gun lineup is to not only provide a variety of competitive venues but also to encourage air gun participation beyond an athlete’s junior years. 

“A lot of high school kids give up the sport after graduation, as well as those who compete on NCAA or club collegiate teams,” said Harrington. “The hope is to get more and more athletes to continue competition after they graduate high school – to give them a big match to work toward each year.”

Additionally, the CMP has implemented new Distinguished Air Rifle and Air Pistol badge programs. Starting in 2022, Air Rifle and Air Pistol competitors of all ages, not just juniors, will be able to earn Excellence-In-Competition (EIC) credits for these badges in 60-shot National Matches Air Gun Championships, Monthly Matches as well as in CMP sanctioned Air Rifle and Air Pistol club matches.

“We’ve already seen supportive interest in the Air Gun Championships before they’ve even fired, so we’re excited about the positive possibilities for our air gun program in the future,” Harrington added. 

Find more about the CMP National Air Gun Matches, including registration and entry fee information, by visiting Questions may be directed to Katie Harrington at [email protected] or (419) 635-2141, ext. 731.

CMP Sees Over 640 Entries During 2021 National Air Gun Events at Camp Perry

Fired throughout the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s (CMP) National Matches in July and August, the National Air Gun events welcomed over 640 air rifle and air pistol entries, fired by competitors of all ages from around the country. The matches were held within the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center, located on the grounds of the historic Camp Perry National Guard Training Facility, where the National Matches have been conducted for over a century.

The National Air Gun Matches are open through the duration of the National Matches, with guests able to come in to shoot at their leisure.

The National Air Gun Matches feature a variety of events, suited for both seasoned competitors and those new to the sport. Traditional 60-, 40- and 30-Shot events as well as modern Bench League opportunities (shot from a supported position) lined the schedule for competitors to choose from during the summer months.

Winning the 60 Shot Air Pistol Match was Michael Soklaski, 24, of Ringoes, New Jersey, with a score of 568-14X. High Woman of the event was 2nd Lt. Lisa Emmert Traciak, 25, of Kalamazoo, Michigan, and the Army National Guard, with a score of 560-15X. High Junior was Mehr Chanda, 13, of Coppell, Texas, with 546-8X, and Bruce Martindale, 63, of Charlton, New York, claimed the High Senior title with a score of 550-8X.

The National Air Pistol matches alone saw over 240 entries.

Timothy Schmeltzer, 24, of Greenville, Michigan, led the 40 Shot Pistol event with a score of 378-11X, as Dwaine Hurt, 57, of Red Oak, Iowa, overtook 30 Shot Pistol with 285-11X.

Those who competed in the 30 Shot event were automatically entered into a Center Shot contest, where participants who fire closest to target center have the chance to win money, based on participation. Judy Tant, 71, of East Lansing, Michigan, earned the top spot in the National Matches Pistol Center Shot competition with a 10.9X closest from target center at 0.101980mm. For her win, she received $159.50 from the CMP. 

Also receiving prize money in the contest were the next seven closest competitors (all firing 10.9s):

2. Mehr Chanda, 13, Coppell, Texas

3. Eric Herrin, 58, Raleigh, North Carolina

4. Nate Gunn, 38, Spencer, West Virginia

5. Devin LaCross, 19, Jackson, New Jersey

6. Howard Bentley, 68, Barboursville, West Virginia

7. Tom Dipietro, 74, Belleville, Michigan

8. Neil Hay, 65, Baroda, Michigan

Likewise, competitors in the 30 Shot Standing Rifle event were automatically entered into the Center Shot contest. Claudia Muzik, 15, of Green Springs, Ohio, was the closest from target center at 2.37876018mm and received the overall cash prize.

The next seven closest competitors received cash prizes included:

2. Michael Judd, 57, Crestview, Florida

3. Rebecca Pendleton, 13, Green Springs, Ohio

4. Jack Daniels, 13, Dracut, Massachusetts

5. Dustin Carr, 20, of San Diego, California

6. Craig Weston, 71, Mount Solon, Virginia

7. Scott Braun, 51, Belvidere, Illinois

8. Chris DeForge, 34, Hampton, Virginia

Chance Cover claimed the overall win in the 60 Shot Rifle event.

Winning the 30 Shot Rifle Match was Lillian Warren, 17, of Perry, Michigan, with an outstanding score of 300-17X. Thomas Wonderly, 75, of Portage, Ohio, led overall in the 40 Shot Vintage Air Rifle Pneumatic Sniper Match with a score of 396-12X, as Chance Cover, 30, of Sandusky, Ohio, claimed the win in the 60 Shot Rifle event with a score of 620.4.

Other 60 Shot Air Rifle awards included High Woman and High Junior honors, which both went to M’Leah Lambdin, 18, of Colorado Springs, Colorado, for her score of 619.4.

M’Leah Lambdin earned both High Woman and High Junior honors in the 60 Shot Rifle Match.

An AiR-15 Challenge Match, featuring air guns that resemble service AR-15 rifles, was also held during the National Air Gun events. The match typically includes a concluding final amongst the top competitors but was removed for the 2021 event. Leading this year’s match was the Army Marksmanship Unit’s Sgt. 1st Class Brandon Green, 36, of Box Springs, Georgia, with an overall score of 397-15X.

The CMP’s 30 Shot Bench League allows participants to compete a national-level event, even if he or she has never competed before. During the League, competitors fire air sporter, precision or AiR-15 rifles off of a fixed support for added stability – providing a fun and challenging experience for all. Earning the win in the AiR-15 Bench League Match was Larry Bush, 73, of Perrysburg, Ohio, with a score of 309.6. Larry Kiraly, 68, also of Perrysburg, fired a 315.0 for the overall win in the sporter match, with Philip Edwards, 73, of nearby Marblehead, Ohio, coming out on top of the precision match with a score of 318.9.

Past winner of the AiR-15 Challenge Sgt. 1st Class Brandon Green overtook the match once again in 2021.

View a complete list of the 2021 Camp Perry National Air Gun results on the CMP Competition Tracker page at  

About the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center

The CMP’s indoor air gun range is equipped with 80 electronic firing points. The range is open to the public and has rental equipment available. Pellets are available for purchase and CMP’s Range Safety Officers are available to help visitors get on target. Learn more at

The National Air Gun calendar includes a variety of competitive options in both air pistol and air rifle.
The air gun range within the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center houses 80 points of electronic targets.

Sign Up Now for CMP’s Fall Monthly Air Rifle and Air Pistol Matches

With summer soon behind, the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) would like to remind air gun athletes that there are still plenty of opportunities for competition fun in the last few months of 2021. The CMP’s Monthly Matches are set to return to Ohio and Alabama with a mix of air gun events for all ages and experience levels in September, October and November.

CMP’s Monthly Air Gun Matches will resume in September and will also be held in October and November.

The remaining months of the 2021 Monthly Match season will go back to the previous daily event schedule, which was changed in the past to adhere to area COVID regulations. Instead of four relays with no finals, the schedule will resume with a two relay, plus finals format. Staple events of the Monthly Matches include a Junior 3×20, Junior 3×10, 60 Shot Air Rifle Standing and 60 Shot Air Pistol. Top scorers at each range are presented special Monthly Match medals. 

Each Monthly Match is held simultaneously at the South CMP Competition Center in Anniston, Alabama, and at the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center at the Camp Perry National Guard Training Facility in Ohio. Both facilities are equipped with 80-point indoor air gun ranges filled with CMP’s own electronic target line.

Three-position and standing events are offered at each Monthly Match event.

Remaining Monthly Matches for the 2021 season include:

  • Sept. 18, 2021

Registration Camp Perry:  

Registration Anniston:

  • Oct. 9, 2021

Registration Camp Perry:

Registration Anniston:

  • Nov. 13, 2021

Registration Camp Perry:

Registration Anniston:

The Monthly Matches are held at CMP’s air gun facilities in Ohio and Alabama.

A Monthly Match League that combines the scores of repeat competitors from the 2021 season is also available. Eligible events for the Monthly Match League include: Pistol 60 Shots (No PPP), Rifle 60 Shots, Sporter 3×20 and Precision 3×20. Along with cash prizes based on League participation, the first three places in each category will receive a CMP plaque. Additional prizes will be given to fourth and fifth place overall winners, along with recognition of the High Junior in Pistol and Rifle and the Most Improved competitors.

For more on the Monthly Matches, along with registration info, visit the CMP website at

Although it is CMP’s hope to hold our upcoming events, please keep in mind that we may have to cancel due to COVID-19 issues. For those events that we do conduct, we will follow the appropriate state’s guidelines and recommendations. We continue to monitor the venue states’ guidelines and adjust our procedures based on those guidelines and common sense. As always, the safety of our customers and employees is our priority.

About CMP Competition Centers:

Each of CMP’s indoor air gun facilities holds an 80-point range, featuring innovative electronic targets, and regularly hosts local, state and national competitions. Marksmanship Nights, offered weekly for public use, allow visitors of virtually any age and experience level to test out air rifles or air pistols, with the guidance of qualified CMP staff members.

The South Competition Center in Alabama includes the CMP South Store, which is fully stocked with equipment and memorabilia needs. The Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center in Ohio features cases of authentic Olympic and other memorabilia from the career of celebrated American marksman, Gary Anderson, for observers to enjoy.

To learn more about the CMP Competition Centers, visit the CMP website at

NRA Approved Coach Class – Smallbore & Air Rifle – Position Shooting – August 22 & 23

NRA Approved Coach Class – Smallbore & Air Rifle – Position Shooting

Location: Fish & Game Club of Vienna

1508 Youngstown Kingsville Rd.

State Route 193N (.1 mile past Youngstown Airport Drive – on Right side)

Vienna, OH 44473

Date: Saturday, 22 August 2020 & Sunday 23 August 2020 – Revised NEW DATES!

8:30 AM until 6:30 PM Saturday & 8:30 AM until 4:30 PM Sunday

16 classroom hours required ( working lunch )

Cost: $180 includes materials and handouts & NRA Coach Registration

Contact: Russ Evans 330-534-5344 or email [email protected]

150 Fifth Ave

Hubbard, OH 44425

Coffee & Snack provided. Lunch – we will order from Subway or a similar lunch shop (we usually get Subway’s $6/$8).

I will need an accurate count by Tuesday, 04 August 2020 – the materials need to beordered by 05 August 2020.. In addition to NRA materials we will provide paper and markers.

It is expensive to return the items and if you register for the class and do not attend there will be a cancellation fee of $ 30 (there will be shipping 2 ways on your materials if they have to be returned)

Teaching will be: Coach Russ Evans, Coach Art Phillips

Coach Russ Evans – National Coach Development Staff, CMP Director Ohio, Ohio Rifle & Pistol Director – Jr. Smallbore, Head Coach CMP National Matches Jr. Camp, Camp Perry, Coach Vienna Jr. Rifle Team.

Coach Art Phillips – Assist. Head Coach CMP National Matches Jr. Camp, Asst. Match Director & CRO OH State Smallbore Matches, Coach Vienna Jr Rifle Team.

I am requesting that you send a check for $110 to reserve a spot unless you make other arrangements with us. It will need to be received by 04 August 2020. Check to: Russ Evans

The $70 balance can be paid the first day of class.

Local Hotels would be at the I 80 Belmont Ave Exit. Youngstown/Liberty, OH

Fish & Game Club of Vienna is about 10 minutes North from the I 80 / St Rt 193 Exit

Also 10 minutes from the Belmont I80 exit or 15 minutes from I80 & SRT62&7 Hubbard, Exit.

Please e-mail or call with any questions. 330-534-5344

Go online to: select become a certified coach select Coach training schools click here to search for schools select NRA Level 1 Rifle Coach School (smallbore & air rifle) Register for class and Create your log-in.


Coach Russ Evans :>) *All Information requested is required by NRA to register for class.


Date of Birth mm/dd/xxxx


Phone Your E-mail

Check $180 to cover full cost _____ or Check $110 deposit ____ $70 due on class date

Welcome to Ohio’s CMP State Director Page

Follow this page for the latest updates and news in the state of Ohio.