I ordered a field grade M1 Garand earlier this year.  As I waited for the order to be processed, I read a few internet blogs commenting about the poor condition of many of the recently returned rifles.  Then, I read the most recent edition of the Garand Collectors Association Journal which had photos and an article related to the recently returned rifles from the Philippines. To say some of the rifles were in "rough" condition would be kind-- so.... I began to wonder what I might receive from the CMP ?

Several days ago, I received the field grade M1 and it has exceeded all my hopes and expectations -  it is worn with all appropriate parts, has a beautiful patina. The rifle functioned flawlessly and shot quite well at the range.  

Once again, I thank the CMP staff for maintaining the legacy of these historic rifles and providing a way for American civilians to own these fine rifles. In my opinion, the Garand continues to be an outstanding rifle, even compared with current technology rifle production.

J. Reasbeck,