I came today on 3/8/19 to purchase a M1 Garand from your Anniston store , this has been a process over the last 5 yrs but finally able to afford this and the vacation time coming here as we live about 7 hrs away in Kentucky. I forget to bring a crucial form of ID however your staff was more than helpful and was able to purchase the firearm along with supplies. Afterwards we went to the CMP Talledega Range where again the staff very helpful even more especially was the assistance I received from Mike Rorro on getting my sights on target. I feel he has the heart of a teacher very patient with both me and my wife who fired more rounds than I did and now wants to by a M1. We (Will) be back for your D-Day event and you will be helping my wife with her first team competition rifle.

Thank you all,

Lorne H. Owensboro KY,