Competition Rules

Competition Rules

For many years, CMP Competition Rules have included rules for Service Rifle and Service Pistol as well as for the CMP Games events such as the As-Issued Military Rifle Matches and the new Vintage Sniper Rifle Team Match. Since these two sets of rules differ on many points this led to a lot of confusion. To make it easier for match officials and competitors to apply the correct rules for each of the CMP disciplines, the rulebook was divided into two rulebooks.

The 2017 5th Edition of the CMP Games Rifle and Pistol Competition Rules governs all CMP-sanctioned matches for As-Issued Military Rifle Matches (Garand, Springfield, Vintage Military Rifle, Carbine, M16, Modern Military Rifle), Vintage Sniper Rifle Team Match, Special M1, M9 and M16 EIC Matches, As-Issued M1911 and Military & Service Pistol Matches and Rimfire Sporter Rifle Matches. These rules remain in effect from the date they are issued until they are replaced by the next edition of these rules.

The 2017 21st Edition of the CMP Competition Highpower Rifle and Pistol Competition Rules governs CMP sponsored and sanctioned matches for Service Rifle, Service Pistol and .22 Rimfire Pistol events, including National Trophy Rifle and Pistol Matches, Excellence-In-Competition (EIC) matches and other CMP-sanctioned competitions. These rules remain in effect from the date they are issued until they are replaced by the next edition of the rules. However, if a rules emergency arises, the CMP Rules Committee has the authority to issue a rules update that addresses such specific issues.

electronic scoring targets

A new section has been added to the CMP Rulebooks to help explain and clarify the CMP's Electronic Scoring Target Rules.

**2018 DRAFT RULES**

Here is a "draft version" of the 2018 CMP Highpower Rifle and Pistol Competition Rules. We intend to use and test these draft rules during the Creedmoor Cup Matches in October in Phoenix. It is quite possible that after that test, there will be some changes that need to be made before we take the “DRAFT” designation off of the pages.

Rule Interpretations

To obtain a clarification or interpretation of any CMP rule, contact CMP Competitions, 419-635-2141, ext. 714/722 or [email protected], to request a CMP ruling or interpretation. The CMP staff can interpret unclear rules, but may not modify rules. The Programs Committee of the CPRPFS Board of Directors and its Rules Sub-Committee has the sole authority to modify CMP Competition Rules.

Questions about the CMP Competitions Rulebooks or rule recommendations can be directed to the CMP Competitions Department at [email protected] or (419) 635-2141, ext. 714 or 722.