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Morning Melissa. Received the rifle on Friday. Please thank the person who pulled my rifle. 1943 is the year my wife  was born and December, the month my Springfield  was made by serial number, my dad was seeing his first action in the Pacific. Dad did not carry a Garand aboard ship but the year and month still has meaning to me. Made the rifle pretty special.

James T,

I just received the M1 Garand WRA field grade rifle that I ordered and, as usual, the CMP has exceeded my expectations.  The rifle is in better shape than expected and is an excellent field grade gun with a Winchester receiver.  I am yet another thoroughly satisfied customer.


Ken B.,

The National Match Rifle Awards Ceremony Friday Night was done very well. Congratulations to you and your staff for a job well done. My family had a great time there.


Curt H.,

Received my rifle today an I am 100 % satisfied its way better than I expected an all staff in sales,shipping and gunsmithing have been excellent. Many thanks to all.

Donnie G,