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I just wanted to say thanks for the beautiful example of a M1 Garand I just received today. I purchased a service grade model and I must say it is in better condition than I thought possible. The barrel crown is perfect and the throat and muzzle are a 2. It has a new production stock, and the receiver is near perfect. I am proud to own this piece of history and look forward to teaching my son how to become a great marksman. I also own a Mosin Nagant PU-80 Sniper rifle, so between the two I have the rifles that literally won WWII. I look forward to many years of fun and competition with my Army and Legion buddies at the range.



Charles W.,

I'm reaching out again today to extend a huge thank you to you and the CMP. I received my M1 on the 28th and was able to get it to the range on the 29th of March. This rifle is everything I expected and more. I'm very happy with it and I wanted to say thank you again for all your help.




Steven Johnson,

I can’t thank you all at the CMP enough.  Received my M-1 and it is a beauty.  

My sincere thanks to all there you all do a miraculous job!


Dana Hardaway,

Thank you for the HRA M1 rifle! I snail mailed the order 2-26 and received my rifle 3-27. Service grade with HRA bbl (1+m2+t) and original GI wood. I've purchased an M1 from the north store before but " luck of the draw" by mail is the funnest way, like waiting for santa when you were 8 year's old again, thanks for everything you do CMP

Chris Green,