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The CMP receives many emails and letters each day from our customers saying how much they appreciate what the CMP does. See below to view some of these.

Miss Johnson,

I would like to acknowledge some people of your staff that have impressed me with their helpfulness, follow through and professionalism. I have had the pleasure to interact with Melissa Smith, Jessica Lipstraw, and Define Scott over the past couple weeks.  All three went above and beyond my expectations.  Their timely responses and patience was most refreshing. The follow through and speed in which I received my purchase was also very impressive.  I congratulate you and your staff on having such a successful focus on customer service especially in a day and age where it seems to be lacking everywhere.  Please pass along a hearty

"Well Done"




Robert Cole ,

I received my M1 Garand (Special Grade) this morning.

I want to let you know and your organization's leadership know how Greatly Impressed I am with this rifle!  I am sure it looks better than when it originally rolled off the production line 70 years ago......this rifle is absolutely flawless.

Please thank the team who put this rifle together for me on their outstanding and professional expertise and attention to detail as it is a work of art.

You made this retired Chief Master Sgt a happy man!!

Thanks again I greatly appreciate the craftsmanship,



Darren Gann,

Received my M-1 Field Grade recently-beautiful Springfield !!Thanks so much


Bob DeNicolo,

Thanks for staying the course, I love Camp Perry in all aspects, modernizing the ranges has been great and new matches can take the CMP to the next level. I will not be driving to Indiana for the NRA, We can do it all right here.

Glenn F.,