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Thank you to the CMP. Keep up the good work.

Sincerely, (Mr. Happy)

Nick Sych,


This is just to let you know that I did receive my beautiful M1 Garand CMP Special Field this morning.

In a few words, my first impression is VERY impressed. I have come from "nervous" to surprisingly happy 😊. You guys rock. Please, extend my appreciation to the armorer.

Now, let see if it is a shooter!

Best regards,



Ms Gina Johnson
General Manager
CMP South
Anniston, AL                                                                                      February 12, 2017



Dear Ms Johnson,

Please accept my sincere thanks for your support of the CMP Advanced Maintenance Class, and my commendations to the Custom Shop and all of the staff that supported the class held on January 27-29 of this year.

I had the good fortune to be selected for attendance in the class and I was rewarded with three days of concentrated and comprehensive instruction on the finer points of assembly and maintenance for my M1 Garand and an insight into the mission of  the CMP.  Please pass along my thanks for a job well-done to Relations Specialist Jeremy Coppock,, Supervisor Chris Hord and Armorers Ryan Lindell, Chris Knott and Brent Morrow for making the experience so very worthwhile.  I was impressed with their knowledge and desire to impart that knowledge to each member of the class.  Not having any previous armorer experience, I was a bit uneasy with my ability to build an M1.  Their close attention to each student’s individual experience and needs gave me the confidence to proceed with each task.  They are excellent teachers of their craft.

Thank you again for an incredible experience.





Thomas Strong,

I just wanted to let you know that I received the M1 Field Special grade rifle. It looks nice and I'm very pleased with it. Thank you for the fast service.




Keith H,