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I received my Springfield 6 Million Service Grade Garand today.  I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the rifle.  It is absolutely beautiful, and without a doubt the nicest Garand I own.  Thank you for sending me such a nice rifle.  I am hoping to also order a M1D once I get the funds together.


Richard P.,


When I decided at this late date to purchase a M1 Garand, sight unseen, I expected a beat up, picked over relic that would have to be rebuilt from scratch. I was pleasantly surprised when I received my 1944 Springfield special field model this week.  Except for some pitting on the gas tube, it looks like it was just manufactured, perhaps even better. The walnut grain was beautiful.As specified, the barrel was new, but the butt plate and some other parts appeared new. The remainder were rephosphated and looked good as new. I have not had the opportunity to fire it, but with the obvious quality workmanship, I expect no problem. I hate to fire it because it is quite beautiful.

I was also pleased that I received a wartime Springfield model. That was unexpected.

Thank all at CMP who work on this program for a job well done.




Ronald M. (Former Ordnance Officer),

I received the CMP Special Field Grade (30-06) M1 Grand I ordered at noon on February 22, 2017 via FedEx. This was a pleasant surprise, and unexpected, as I had sent my order forms in the standard delivery mail February 13th.  A ten day turnaround!   I had expected a wait of three to four weeks at least.  Kudos to the CMP receiving, sales, and shipping departments.

An even greater surprise was the condition of this Springfield Armory #362XXXX serial receiver, NO PITTING ABOVE THE WOOD LINE, and a later issue SA bolt.  The new wood, barrel, and refinishing reflected the care given to revitalizing this classic American rifle by the CMP Staff.

I was first introduced to the M1 Grand as a 17 year old Army recruit at Fort Ord, CA in February of 1959, where I learned to shoot, clean, and carry this piece of weapon history with confidence until I was issued an M14 in 1961 in Berlin, Germany.  The M14 never quite replaced the venerable M1 Grand.  Thank you for providing the unparalleled opportunity for me to enjoy handling and firing the M1 again after 58 years.



Dean T.,

My M-1 Garand came today and I think it is beautiful, way more than I expected. I can hardly wait to start shooting when it finally quits snowing.




Scott Johnson,