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I just wanted to send off a quick note to express my to all the great folks at the CMP.  As a Vietnam Vet I appreciate the battle rifle legacy that an M1 Garand represents and I will always view MINE as a piece of living history to be handed down through the generations.

I received my Special Rack Grade Garand yesterday and can honestly say that it is beyond my expectations in every way. My order was handled swiftly, also far quicker than I expected, and the process is one which I will likely repeat down the road.  

As an aside, checking my serial number tells me that my receiver was built in mid-July, 1944 and on some level I will delight in shooting a machine whose heart is 5 years older than I am - LOL

Please pass on my thanks to the armorers and staff involved. You folks are the best!

Warmest Regards,


Randall L Patka,

Shipment was received in good order. Rifle is tremendous,well  beyond expectations.

I felt it necessary to send a quick thank you note to everyone at CMP for the all great work! Very much appreciated.

Thanks so much.

Very Best,




I just wanted to thank you and your staff for hosting the Dixie Double match this past weekend.  You have a very friendly and professional staff as well as a truly outstanding facility.  This was an excellent experience and I'm definitely planning to make the trip from Nevada again next year.

Thank you again,


David Aglietti,

Thanks for the beautiful Garand and the quick turn around. I mailed my order for my first M1 (RM1 Svc) on October 19th and received my rifle yesterday, November 1st. The rifle is in great condition and it's a WWII vintage SA which I had requested. Couldn't be happier with the rifle and CMP customer service.

Thanks again!