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I was totally blown away with the rifle you sent. Much more than I expected.  I will be forever grateful and pass the word, how great an organization you are.

Thanks again.


Terrance Elko ,

CMP Sales,

I just received my M1 Garand Service grade.  I was absolutely stunned with that beautiful rifle!  Thank you so much for such a treasure that will stay in the family.  What a bonus to have a muzzle reading of 1+ and a throat reading of 2!  I am so looking forward to going to the range with this rifle.  You all are a class act.



Juan Torres,

I recieved my Rack Special today and am absolutely thrilled with it! This is the third M1 I have purchased and wanted to say thank you for all you do! 

Once again I would like to thank you for sending such a beautiful rifle. The Rack grade special was in far better condition than expected.  A WWII Winchester receiver, signed off by the armored on 9/11. What a special rifle! 

K. Anthony,