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Staff very helpful and friendly. Also bob knows his stuff!

Steve C,

I want to thank you and the staff at CMP for the wonderful M-1Garand that was shipped to me. It was all Springfield and had a wonderful stock. The 1+ on the muzzle and throat make it that much more special. My fathers family is from Springfield, MA. His fathers brother, my uncle T, first wife was named Beatrice. I never met Aunt Bea's brother.Her brother worked at the "Springfield Works" in the R & D department with Mr. John Garand. I was fortunate to know all of these relatives well as longevity runs in the family. I wish I would have met him, I'm sure he had a lot of great stories he would never share. As soon as money is saved up , I'll be back.

Thank you,


I just wanted to thank you - and ALL the staff at CMP for the gorgeous M1 I picked up at my FFL today.

It's a piece of history and craftsmanship.  Something I'll enjoy and then pass along to my boys.

Thanks again for your hard work and dedication to keeping a vital American tradition in place.



Claude Geller,

I just  received  my Service Grade Garand with an original stock, truly a very important part of our history and freedom.  A beautiful historical weapon.  Thank you so very much for the outstanding customer service!  I was not expecting it so soon, especially “overnight delivery”.    A big Texas, Thanks🇺🇸.

Ms. Melissa, I personally thank you.  Also, please copy this email of “sincere appreciation “to Sales and Armorer depts. ,your supervisor and Mr. Mark Johnson. 

Civilian Marksmanship Program, you are “Outstanding”

Best Regards to all,



Arthur A. Quintero,