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I received the letter concerning the recent National Matches. I have so say it was planned and put together very well. I was left asking very few questions, I always knew what was going on and where I needed to be.

Bringing lunches to the range was an added bonus. I totally enjoyed serving as a Range Officer, the class was very well done and although I did not take the Rifle class I went to the range and watched others that did and it has me interested in becoming rifle certified as well. The experience has prompted me to make this a hobby and something I want to be involved in for many years to come. I may be limited to what I can attend but I will be there for the National Matches.

I kinda figured that since I served as a Range Officer this past National Match that 2018 would be a given to do so next year but if I have to re-apply then that's what I'll do. I am looking forward to being there again, it was enjoyable and also a learning experience. Everyone was very respectful and pleasant considering how busy all of you were. I think your program was done very well and I really do not have any complaints. I am sure there will be a few "little things" that others may find to improve on but as far as my experience I believe that all of you did very well from the food and lodging, to the itinerary and placement of workers. Y'all had your stuff together, the extra shirts and other small gifts were an added bonus.

Thanks for the appreciation letter and I look forward to serving as a range officer for many years to come. See you all next year and I say JOB WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOOOOYAAAAAA

Thanks and God Bless



Paul Barger,

Dear Ms. Williams and Ms. Lynd,

My husband Bob and I wanted to send you both a belated thank you for the

$1000 scholarship that you all so kindly awarded our son Austin Carleton.

He was so excited that he called just about everyone in his phone contacts the night it came in the mail!!  We know that he will make you all most proud and will use his scholarship money at Huntingdon College where he now attends and is playing football.  When he is not playing football, he comes home and shoots sporting with his dad!! He has been shooting since he was 5 years old and it has been such an amazing opportunity for him to have the honor to have been able to shoot for Team CMP these past 2 years.

Most sincerely,

Laurie and Bob Carleton
(proud parents of Austin Carleton)

I just received my first Garand, and I'm extremely pleased with the quality of the rifle and the entire process from the CMP. You're doing great work, and I appreciate your attention to detail!



James M,

Just a quick note to let you all know I am Extremely pleased with my recent M1 Garand purchases.

Thank you so much.



William H.,