National Three Position Air Rifle Championships

National Three Position Air Rifle Championships


National Three Position air rifle Championship

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Qualification, Confirmation and General Information

The National Three Position Air Rifle Championship is a three day event for sporter and precision air rifle shooting.  Each competition day is a new opportunity for athletes.  The first competition is the National 3PAR Junior Olympic Championships followed by the CMP National 3PAR Championship.  All shooters are welcome to fire in both competitions,  regardless of how the team or individual qualified.


Qualification:  Approximately 310 athletes in each class will be invited to attend this event.  Athletes must fire in the CMP Regional or 3PAR Junior Olympic State championships to qualify.  Regardless of how a team or individual qualifies, they are eligible to fire in BOTH days of competition.




Map to National 2015









CMP Regional Championships State Junior Olympic 3PAR Championships
Method of Qualifying Top Teams
  1. Automatic Qualifiers
  2. At- Large Qualifiers*
Sporter Teams 27 27
Sporter Individuals 20 20
Precision Teams 27 27
Precision Individuals 20 20


  • CMP Regional Championships – Top 27 Teams and 20 Individuals in Sporter and Precision Advance
    • 31 March - 2 April 2016, Sandy, UT
    • 7-9 April 2016, Camp Perry, OH
    • 7-9 April 2016, Anniston, AL


  • State 3PAR Junior Olympic Championships – Automatic Qualification Scores & At-Large Qualifiers
    • 1 February – 1 May 2016, State Matches


Automatic Sporter Individual 525
Automatic Sporter Team 2025
Automatic Precision Individual 580
Automatic Precision Team 2275


  • Automatic Scores are used so that teams and individuals can make travel arrangements as soon as possible after they have competed at the State Junior Olympic level.
  • Subsequent at-large qualifiers will be notified as soon as possible after State 3PAR Junior Olympic championship scores are finalized.
  • The number of at-large qualifiers will depend on the number of automatic teams and individuals that qualified.
  • Teams or individuals that qualify at the Regional and also automatically qualify at the State 3PAR Junior Olympic Championships will count as a CMP Regional qualifier.


Teams.  Each qualifying team may bring up to five athletes to the competition. If a team brings five shooters, they must designate four team members and one alternate at the time of check-in.  Before the team fires, changes can be made to the team members counting for the team score.

  • Teams will be categorized in one of following categories:
    • Club
    • Scholastic

Individuals.  The four members of each unit team, all individual qualifiers, and all alternates will compete for individual awards.

Confirmation:  Please complete the online registration at

Entry Fees:  The entry fee is $50 for each team member, alternate or individual shooter. There are no additional team entry fees.



  • Travel and Accommodations. Information on travel and accommodations can be found here.
  • Liability Forms. All coaches and instructors, athletes or chaperones over the age of 18 must complete a CMP Liability Release FormIt may be completed, notarized and returned to the CMP at the time of check-in at the CMP Competition Center.  This form can also be completed and notarized at time of check-in.  A notary will be on duty during check-in.
  • Parental Consent Forms. All participating athletes under the age of 18 must submit or bring a signed Parental Permission Form at the time of check-in.  A copy of this form is also included with this program.
  • Relay Squadding. Squadding will be posted on the championship website by 14 June. Team squadding will be done randomly. Special requests to change team member firing order will not be accepted.
  • Team Check-In and Equipment Control. At check-in, teams must confirm final entries, identify alternates (if any), and purchase additional cookout tickets for $10.  All competitors must have their air rifles and shooting equipment checked at equipment control. Sporter air rifles will have trigger weights checked (1.5 lbs. minimum). Sporter clothing will be checked. Shooters must come to equipment control with air rifles, slings, shoes, kneeling rolls and all clothing they will wear during competition. Prone mats will be provided.  Spotting scopes are not permitted, and are not needed for electronic targets. Equipment Control cards from USA Shooting Nationals will be accepted for shooters in the precision class. USA Shooting Nationals are scheduled immediately prior to this competition.
  • There will be a BBQ cookout on the evening of the CMP National Championship. There is no additional fee for the cookout for athletes and coaches (1 coach per team or individual).  Tickets will be issued at check in for the coach and athletes.   Additional tickets can be purchased for $10.
  • Air Cylinders. It is the shooter's responsibility that any air or CO2 cylinder has been certified as safe and is within the validity date.
  • Shipping Air Cylinders. The Transportation Security Administration has increasingly denied transport of air and CO2 cylinders in checked baggage in checked baggage.  Teams that plan to travel by air are advised to ship air or CO2 cylinders in advance to the address below.  Cylinder packages should have the name of the school or JROTC unit printed on the outside of the package. It is recommended that you ship via FedEx or UPS so that you have a tracking number for your packages and that you ship a RETURN LABEL to ship them back.

Civilian Marksmanship Program

Attn:  National Air Rifle Match

Camp Perry Training Site, Bldg 3

Port Clinton, OH 43452


  • Electronic Targets. The matches will be fired on Megalink Electronic Targets. Shooters should not bring spotting scopes because the exact shot locations are shown on electronic monitors at each firing points.
  • Shooting Mats. Shooting mats will be provided. Personal prone mats will not be allowed.
  • Air and CO2. Compressed air and CO2 gas will be available at the range.
  • Score Posting. All scores fired will be displayed on the CMP Competitor Tracker results system.  Scores and competitor rankings will be displayed electronically on the range throughout the competition. Preliminary and final printed results bulletins will be posted on the bulletin board. Anyone not at the competition can also view live target images.
  • Parents and Guests. Parents or other individuals who wish to attend the Championships are most welcome to attend if they are interested in traveling to Camp Perry for the competition. The LCD monitors that display all competitors’ targets, shots, scores and rankings will make being a spectator at these Championships an especially memorable experience. Parents and guests are also welcome to attend the cookout (tickets $10.)
  • Clothing. All championship events will be informal.  Please be sure apparel is appropriate at all times.

If you have questions regarding the National Air Rifle Championships, contact CMP Competitions, 419-635-2141, ext. 731 or [email protected].