Junior Distinguished Badge

Junior Distinguished Badge

NOTE: The Air Rifle Junior Distinguished EIC cut scores have been raised for the 2016 season. More Details.

The Junior Distinguished Badge is awarded to school-age junior three-position air rifle shooters who distinguish themselves by attaining a series of high rankings in designated major junior air rifle championships that include State Junior Olympic Qualifiers, CMP Cup Matches, the National Junior Olympic Championships and other National Council Three-Position Air Rifle Championships. The Junior Distinguished Badge is a gold-filled badge. The Junior Distinguished Badge is authorized for wear on JROTC cadet uniforms (see appropriate Cadet Command regulations).

To receive the Badge, junior shooters must earn 30 EIC credit points in designated competitions. At least 10 of the 30 points must be won in National Championship competition. Alternatively, up to 10 of the 30 points may be won by earning gold EIC points (top 1/6 of the competitors in that matchJunior Badges who earned EIC points). The Junior Distinguished Badge will be provided, at no cost, by the CMP and, whenever possible, awarded at a ceremony appropriate for the presentation of an award of such high distinction.

After September 2013 all Air Rifle EIC Points will be awarded on Competition Tracker, and will no longer be added to the EIC list document. All points prior to September are listed as “imported points” in competition tracker.

Junior Achievement Award Pins

Junior Achievement Award PinsAchievement Award Pins are incentive and recognition awards for juniors who attain established score levels in any sanctioned competition sanctioned by the National Council. Bronze, silver and gold pins may be awarded to competitors in sanctioned three-position air rifle competitions when they equal or exceed cut-scores.

Sponsors of sanctioned matches may purchase achievement award pins through CMP Competitions for presentation to junior shooters who fire qualifying scores in their matches. For more information, visit the EIC Program Information.

For more information, contact the CMP's Three-Position Air Rifle Department at [email protected] or call (419) 635-2141, ext. 702.