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Member of the Iowa State pistol team in 1976. Winner of the Illinois State 3-P outdoor championship 1999. National coach development staff-rifle. Pistol coach (level 1) Advance certified rifle coach (level 3). Coach for the Davenport North MJROTC rifle team since 2001.


Coached a individual to the to the MCJROTC air rifle championship in 2011 and JROTC air rifle championships on 2012, both at Camp Perry.

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Married to Nancy since1972, two daughters, Megan and Anne. Read all I can on sport physiology, listen to classical music and own a original and correct 1968 Z-28 RS Camaro.


To help shooters advance quicker by using advance techniques.


Having precision air rifle matches in Iowa, and growing the shooting sports in Iowa.

CMP Club News: American Legion Hosts Iowa State Rifle and Pistol 2022 Championship for Youth in March

Submitted by Tina Elwood Gehrke

The Iowa State Rifle and Pistol Association 2022 Championship took place on March 5, 2022.

The event was hosted in Ely, Iowa, by rifle coaches from the American Legion Post 555 (Tina Elwood Gehrke, Juan Trevino and Garrett Carlson) and was attended by student athletes from five clubs: Cedar Rapids Pathfinders, Ely, Lone Tree, Muscatine and Swisher.  

Civilian Marksmanship Program’s State Director Wayne Marker joined the event to assist with an oversight for scorekeeping with Jerry of Bettendorf. Marker’s help was greatly appreciated throughout the event.

Athletes competed using the CMP junior classifications G3 (Sub-junior Age 14 and under), G2 (Intermediate-junior Age 15-16) and G1 (Junior Age 17-18). Match 4 is a total of prone (match 1), standing (match 2) and kneeling (match 3) results. Totals are listed by age classification, and awards were presented to 4th through 1st place finishers, who included: 

G1: Junior (Age 17-18) 

  1. Rachel Cross – 468
  2. Isaac Denning – 428
  3. Annabelle Forbes – 426
  4. Zach Pisney – 420
  5. Alex Hume – 419

G2: Intermediate Junior (Age 15 – 16)

  1. Hailey Asbe – 532
  2. Harry Brenneman – 507
  3. Ella Evans – 500
  4. Kiara Hallett – 498
  5. Cale Shelton – 488
  6. Sabrina Cooklin – 400

G3: Sub-junior (Age 14 and under) 

  1. Shyan Rockafellow – 479
  2. Cael Olson – 469
  3. Mayson Attwood – 388
  4. Samuel Lampe – 382
  5. Otto Gehrke – 308
  6. Tommy Utter II – 127

The G2 age classification finished strongest, boasting the highest match 4 totals. Overall totals for high overall with combined age classifications and club:

HOA – All Classifications/Ages (Name, Classification, Club, Score)

Hailey Asbe, G2 Int Junior, Swisher – 532

Harry Brenneman, G2 Int Junior, Lone Tree – 507

Ella Evans, G2 Int Junior, Muscatine – 500

Kiara Hallett, G2 Int Junior, Muscatine – 498

Cale Shelton, G2 Int Junior, Swisher – 488

Shyan Rockafellow, G3 Sub-Junior, Lone Tree – 479

Cael Olson, G3 Sub-Junior, Swisher – 469

Rachel Cross, G1 Junior, Swisher – 468

Isaac Denning, G1 Junior, Cedar Rapids Pathfinders – 428

Annabelle Forbes, G1 Junior, Lone Tree – 426

Zach Pisney, G1 Junior, Cedar Rapids Pathfinders – 420

Alex Hume, G1 Junior, Cedar Rapids Pathfinders – 419

Sabrina Cooklin, G2 Int Junior, Cedar Rapids Pathfinders – 400

Mayson Attwood, G3 Sub-Junior, Cedar Rapids Pathfinders – 388

Samuel Lampe , G3 Sub-Junior, Cedar Rapids Pathfinders – 382

Otto Gehrke, G3 Sub-Junior, Ely – 308

Tommy Utter II, G3 Sub-Junior, Lone Tree – 127

Three four-person teams pre-registered and competed with their combined match 4 totals. Trophies were presented to the top two teams in the state.

Coming in at 3rd place in the state was Lone Tree (coached by Lowell L. Baker) with a score of 1539 by student athletes Harry Brenneman, Shyan Rockafellow, Annabelle Forbes and Tommy Utter II – representing each of the age classifications! The runner-up state champion team, Cedar Rapids Pathfinders, came onto the board with a solid score of 1655. The team was coached by David Blankenship and consisted of Isaac Denning, Zach Pisney, Alex Hume and Mayson Attwood. The 2022 Iowa State Champions of the Iowa State Rifle and Pistol Association was Swisher (under the direction of Bill Besgrove), consisting of student athletes Rachel Cross, Hailey Asbe, Cael Olson and Cale Shelton (also representing each of the age classifications).

Learn more about the Iowa State Rifle and Pistol association and upcoming events by accessing their website at https://www.iasrpa.com/events

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