Terry Pitts


State Director Info


I grew up bird hunting and shotgun shooting. I came to Camp Perry in 1998 at 42 years old and took the Small Arms Firing Schools – I got started in highpower rifle after that. I started in long range service rifle competition in 2000 and was coach and captain of an Ohio service rifle team. I attended the first CMP GSM Course. I started volunteering at the CMP North air gun range after I retired and became a JROTC Master Instructor.


  • Silver medal in National Trophy Match in 2000
  • 2008 Ohio State Long Range Service Rifle Team Champions
  • 2009 Ohio State Long Range Service Rifle State Champion
  • First place, multiple Ohio club championships in highpower and 300‐yard competitions
  • Coach, captain and participant in NRA National Championships of Ohio Long Range Service Rifle team with awards for first place sharpshooter team, second place expert team, first place master team
  • Multiple third‐ to fifth‐place finishes in NRA National Long Range Service Rifle Matches

Personal Info

I’ve married to my wife, Ava. My hobbies include shooting in multiple disciplines, bird and big game hunting, wildlife photography, boating and fishing and motorcycle riding.


I grew up 50 miles from Camp Perry and knew that the National Championships were held there, but I had no idea as to how to get involved. I had been a NRA member 16 years and never saw an article in their magazine on how to get involved. None of the clubs around Northern Ohio had any junior shooting programs and most only did shotgun competitions. I was 42 years old before I learned to shoot highpower rifle. I decided I wanted to help get juniors and young adults involved in rifle and pistol competitions. I got started doing that by helping to teach juniors at the CMP air gun range and became a NRA certified rifle, pistol and personal protection instructor as well as a CMP GSM and CMP JROTC Master Instructor.


My goal is to work with state associations to set up a state junior program in highpower and smallbore rifle. I’m working to expand the highpower, mid‐range and long range competition opportunities in the state.

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