Rodney Smith

Rye, CO

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State Director Info


When I was a kid I started competitive shooting with the Boy Scouts of America and then later with the Marine Corps JROTC program in Amarillo, Texas. In both programs we were recognized in our state and nationally as a team. I joined the U.S. Army after high school and after a 22-year career, I was able to become a U.S. Army Junior ROTC Instructor and Rifle Coach. As a coach we have had many successes at the state and national level of competitive air rifle. Today, I still teach and coach JROTC Rifle and operate my own cow ranch in Southern Colorado.


I have coached the following teams and their accomplishments 10 Colorado JROTC State Championships 3 National U.S. Army JROTC Service Championships 1 NRA National Sporter Standing Championship 3 CMP National Team Records 1 NRA National Team Record

Personal Info

I am married to Robin and we have two sons Tate and Garrett and two grand-daughters. Robin and I operate a cow/calf ranch in Southern Colorado and direct market custom beef from our ranch to the consumers table. After I completed my military service, I went back to school and earned a Master Degree in K-12 Education Leadership, I later earned a Master Degree in Agriculture Sciences from Colorado State University. As a kid I was raised up on a farm and worked with animals my whole life. This naturally led me to build our own ranch. We manage our ranch in a holistic regenerative process where we work to re-establish old farm ground and degraded native rangelands back into native grass lands. In addition, I coach pistol and small arms classes along with self-defense classes on our own range complex.


I have always wanted to teach and to pass on the knowledge and lessons learned from my experiences. This is one of the reasons I became a high school teacher. Personally, I feel that competitive shooting is a remarkable method to build young people’s self-esteem and confidence. I have witnessed on numerous occasions kids change and become more self-confident due to junior marksmanship programs like those that I have been involved with. I want to help facilitate my positive experiences with shooting programs across the State of Colorado. Furthermore, I want to use my experience to recruit and train adults into leadership roles with in junior shooting programs.


I have three goals I wish to pursue as a State Director. My first goal is to support CMP State, CMP Junior Olympic and CMP Cup matches with as much needed support as they require. My second goal is to begin building Small bore junior shooting programs. My third goal is to work with Junior Shooting programs and other shooting disciplines, to expose age appropriate juniors into other competitive shooting programs such as air pistol, competitive pistol, shotgun and long-range competitive rifle. I look forward to working with the entire shooting community.

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