Washington Junior Feature: Zevin Linse

By Serena Juchnowski, CMP Feature Writer Defining a goal and working towards it – Zevin Linse of Kent, Wash., has spent the last five years improving himself as a marksman, and he is not stopping any time soon. Zevin shoots on the Washington Warriors junior highpower service rifle team, but the 11th grader also shoots air rifle as part of his school’s Marine Corps JROTC marksmanship program, uses smallbore as winter cross-training and has embarked on an adventure into long range.  In 2018, in an unusual set of circumstances, Zevin was appointed head coach of his JROTC air rifle program after the primary instructor left. Though another instructor has since come on board, Zevin’s up-to-date knowledge on rules and ability to pass what he has learned on to the newer shooters has proven extremely valuable.  The Linse family is an outdoors one but did not have a competitive shooting background. Zevin recalls plinking with a .22 at his family’s cabin with his two sisters and parents as well as hunting with his dad.  A family friend who happened to be a junior coach suggested Zevin try highpower around the same time his parents discovered the Cascade Shooting Facilities junior program. Curious about the opportunity, Zevin soon found himself more involved than he could have ever imagined.  “I do a lot less hunting than I used to,” he said. “I did like hunting, but I think the thing I liked most about it was just shooting, I liked marksmanship. So once … Continue reading Washington Junior Feature: Zevin Linse