Service Rifle Squadded Practice Information

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Competitors who would like to shoot the practice at 11:00AM may pick up a squadding ticket at the CMP Competitions Center (600 yard line) on Rodriguez Range beginning at 10:00AM hours. Five relays will be squadded.

There is no fee or pre-registration for Squadded Practice.

After all squadding tickets are issued, one random relay will be chosen not to perform pit duty.  That random relay will be announced on the line after all squadding is issued.

Space is limited to first come, first serve. We cannot guarantee that you will receive a firing point.  Competitors MUST furnish their own ammunition.

The course of fire will be 10 minutes slow-fire prone at the 300-yard line followed by 10 minutes of slow-fire prone at the 600-yard line.  Shooters may fire as many rounds as they wish within these time limits.


All coaches in the Rifle SAFS will fire their squadded service rifle practice on Viale Range immediately after the M16 Rifle EIC Match concludes.  The course of fire will be the same as the open squadded service rifle practice (10 minutes at 300 yards and 10 minutes at 600 yards).