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History of the National Trophy Rifle Matches

The National Trophy Rifle Matches trace their history to the 1903 legislation that established the first National Matches and appropriated funds to acquire the National “Dogs of War” Trophy. This trophy continues to be one of the most prestigious trophies that can be won through rifle shooting in the United States.

Today, the National Trophy Rifle Matches provide national championship competitions in service rifle events. Those events preserve the finest traditions of military marksmanship competition in the United States today. A total of 38 different National Trophies are awarded during the ten days of competition that now comprise National Trophy Rifle Week.

Funding Support for Junior Competitors

The CMP National Matches Junior Highpower Support Program provides funding assistance to junior shooters who are attending the National Trophy Rifle Matches for the first or second time.

To be eligible, an application for support must be submitted in advance. The funding provides partial support for entry fees, travel and accommodations expense.

To receive funding, juniors must attend either the Rifle Small Arms Firing School or the USMC Junior High power Clinic, compete in both the President’s Rifle Match and the National Trophy Individual Rifle Match and be a firing member in either the National Trophy Junior Team Match or the Hearst Doubles Team Match.

Schedule of Events

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Rules, Registration & Results


All firearms, to be used in any CMP Games or CMP Service Rifle event, are required to be inspected by a CMP sanctioned armorer prior to any live fire at every event. Competitors will be required to present all applicable scorecards to the CMP Armorer in order to complete the inspection process.

To expedite the inspection process, competitors are requested to apply their competitor label to each score card. Please include the last four digits of the serial number for the firearm to be used in the bottom right hand corner of the scorecard. Upon completion of the firearm inspection process, each scorecard will receive a stamp of approval from the CMP Armorer, indicating that no safety violations or rules compliance issues were observed at the time of inspection. Each rifle will also receive an inspection tag, verifying participation in the inspection process. Any inspection tags from prior events are to be removed at the time of inspection.

Upon conclusion of firing, any scorecard received by CMP staff which does not bear the CMP Armorer’s stamp, will be entered as “Out-of-Competition”. To accommodate unforeseeable circumstances, competitors will receive a 30 minute window after completion of firing in which a fired rifle may still be inspected.

This enhanced inspection process will aid in ensuring match compliance, as well as promote the safest experience that CMP can provide for all participants on our firing line. Please be advised that CMP Armorers are operating in an advisory role and cannot absolutely certify the safety or compliance of all firearms in the time provided. It is still the responsibility of each competitor to ensure compliance with all CMP mandated safety regulations and match rules. The Armorer’s stamp will not serve as an alibi in the event that a violation is found before, during, or after participation in a match.

About the NATIONAL TROPHY Rifle AWARD Ceremony – 6 August 2021

The CMP National Trophy Rifle Award Ceremony will take place on Friday, August 6, at 6:00 PM in the Post Theater. This is always an impressive ceremony that begins with the presentation of new Distinguished Rifleman Badge winners. All National Trophy winners will be honored at this ceremony. The ceremony is preceded by an informal reception at the Petrarca Range one hour prior to the awards ceremony.


You can pick up the following awards starting on these dates at the CMP Headquarters (Bldg. 3):

  • Monday, August 2 – M16 EIC Rifle Medals
  • Tuesday, August 3 – President’s 100 Certificates & Medals
  • Thursday, August 5 – Hearst Doubles Medals

All other awards, NTI Daniel Boone & EIC Medals, NTT place medals and NTIT place medals along with any medals not picked up will be mailed.

Distinguished Badge Presentation

Shooters who have earned their Distinguished Rifleman Badges in the 24 months since the 2019 National Matches are eligible to have their badges presented on-stage during the National Trophy Rifle Award Ceremony on Friday, August 6.

To be part of the presentation ceremony, Distinguished Rifleman Badge winners must bring their badges to Camp Perry and check in with Christina Roguski at CMP Headquarters before the CMP Award Ceremony. All Distinguished Shooters who are to receive their badges must also report to Christina during the CMP Shooters’ Reception at Petrarca Range between 5:00 and 5:45 PM on 6 August. This is to confirm that you will be at the Award Ceremony. If you do not check in with Christina Roguski before the ceremony you will not be called up on stage during the ceremony.



During the National Matches, the CMP will identify and recognize any shooters who earn the Distinguished Rifleman Badges during the Rifle National Trophy Individual Match and present their badges at the CMP Award Ceremony. 

Results and the names of any new Distinguished shooters will be posted immediately after the NTI challenge period ends. If you are one of these shooters, please check in with Christina Roguski at Petrarca Range during the CMP Shooters’ Reception as soon as possible so you can receive instructions regarding your badge presentation.  


During the National Trophy Rifle Matches, there are several important special awards that are presented to recognize the accomplishments of some of the best competitors in the matches.

  • National Civilian Rifle Team – The six highest scoring individual Civilian competitors in the National Trophy Team Match and the Team Captain and Team Coach of the team that wins the Soldier of Marathon Trophy (Civilian team champion) are named as members of the National Civilian Rifle Team. Each team member receives an Elihu Root medallion. 
  • National Junior Rifle Team – The six highest scoring Junior competitors in an aggregate of the President’s Rifle Match, the National Trophy Individual Rifle Match and the National Trophy Junior Team Match and the Team Captain and Team Coach of the team that wins the National Junior Team Freedom’s Fire Trophy are named as members of the National Junior Rifle Team. Each team member receives a Col. William L. Deneke Trophy plaque. 
  • National Championship Aggregates – There are several trophies awarded to competitors representing different categories who have the highest scores in aggregates involving the President’s, National Trophy Individual and National Trophy Team Matches. The Mountain Man Trophy is presented to honor an overall National Trophy Rifle Individual Champion. This award is based on an aggregate of scores fired in the President’s Rifle Match, National Trophy Individual Rifle Match and National Trophy Team Match. 


While CMP policy prohibits endorsement of any company product or service, we would like to recognize the following companies that will award their own separate products to the top shooters of the National Matches.

If you would like to become an award match sponsor, please contact Christina Roguski at (419) 635-2141, ext. 714 or email [email protected].

Once confirmation is received, sponsor logos will be listed.