National Trophy Team Pistol Match

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GENERAL INFORMATION: The National Trophy Pistol Team Match (NTT) is a National Trophy Match. It was first fired in 1920 when competition for the Gold Cup team trophy began. The Pistol NTT is a four-person team match with a requirement that at least one firing member must be a “new shooter.” (See Rule 4.9). Open, Civilian State or Club and Reserve Component teams are four-person teams. Law Enforcement teams are two-person teams. The Junior Pistol Team Match is also a two-person team match.

COURSE OF FIRE: Four-person teams fire the Pistol National Match Course (CMP Pistol Competition Rules). All members fire 10 shots slow-fire at 50 yards fired 2 strings in 10 minutes per string, 10 shots timed-fire at 25 yards firing two 5 shot strings in 20 seconds per string and 10 shots rapid-fire at 25 yards firing two 5 shot strings in 10 second per string. 


SQUADDING: Each four-person team will be assigned two firing points, with two team members firing in the first relay and the other two team members firing in the second.  Law Enforcement and Junior teams will fire one team member on each relay. Squadding will be issued when purchasing team cards.

NATIONAL TROPHY TEAM MATCH ENTRIES: Entries in the National Trophy Team Matches must be made at the National Matches Welcome Center any time between scheduled pistol check-in. Scorecards and team squadding will be issued when team entries are made. Team entries close one hour before the start of the team match. Your team entry confirmation card with CMP competitor labels for the four team firing members (two members for Law Enforcement and Junior teams), coach and captain affixed to it, must be returned to the National Matches Welcome Center or CMP Headquarters no later than the start of the National Trophy Team Match preparation period.

LAW ENFORCEMENT TEAMS: Firing members on Law Enforcement two-person teams will not lose new shooter eligibility for shooting on Law Enforcement teams. Law Enforcement teams do not have to have a new shooter.

OUT-OF-COMPETITION TEAM OPTION: The “out-of-competition” team entry option (see CMP Rule 2.9) allows shooters to compete in the National Trophy Team match when they cannot form an eligible team. When a club or state association team does not have enough shooters or does not want to burn a new shooter, they can form an out-of-competition team with other shooters and fire in the team match. Out-of-competition teams will have their scores posted and listed in the results bulletin, but new shooter eligibility is not affected and teams are not eligible for awards. Individuals who fire on out-of-competition teams can count scores for aggregates that include NTT individual scores. (See Rule 2.9.2).

NON-FIRING TEAM CAPTAINS: Anyone who will be a non-firing team captain or coach in the National Trophy Pistol Team Match or the Junior Team Match is required to enter the matches as a “non-firing team official or volunteer.” The CMP does not charge an entry fee for non-firing team officials, but it is necessary to have non-firing captains or coaches recorded in the CMP database so that their names can appear in the results bulletin. Non-firing team officials must go through the National Matches Welcome Center and will need competitor labels for scoring or team entry cards.

PISTOLS: Service pistols that comply with CMP Pistol Competition Rules, Rules 4.1 must be used. Juniors who compete for junior awards must fire Standard Smallbore Pistols that comply with Rule 4.1.6.

AMMUNITION: Any safe ammunition may be used in accordance with CMP Pistol Competition Rules, Rule 4.3.1. 

OTHER RULES: Specific rules governing the conduct of the National Trophy Pistol Team Match are found in the CMP Pistol Competition Rules (see especially Rule 5.3). Junior competitors firing .22 Pistols only in the NTT Junior Pistol Match, the ready position for timed and rapid-fire stages is with the loaded pistol pointed down at a 45° angle. If the bench in front of the shooter is too high to allow a 45° angle ready position, the ready position is with the loaded pistol lowered as far as possible without contacting the bench (must not rest on the bench). (See CMP Rule 5.1.1).

AWARDS: The winning team in the National Trophy Team Match receives the Gold Cup Trophy (each team member, the team captain and the team coach, receive trophy plaques; the name of the winning team is permanently engraved on the trophy; the trophy is retained by the CMP on permanent display at Camp Perry). Special awards recognize these winning teams:

ENTRY FEES: $50.00 for Open, Club or State Association and Reserve Component teams; $25 for Law Enforcement teams; $15.00 for Junior teams. Team entries may not be made in advance, but must be made at the National Matches Welcome Center during the matches.