National Trophy Individual Rifle Match

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GENERAL INFORMATION: The National Trophy Individual Rifle Match (NTI) is a National Trophy Rifle Match. It was first fired in 1904, the second year of the National Matches and has become one of the most prestigious of the National Trophy Rifle events.

COURSE OF FIRE: The Rifle National Match Course of Fire is used. No sighters are permitted in National Trophy Rifle Matches. Firing is done on the SR target at 200 and 300 yards and the MR target at 600 yards.

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SQUADDING: Both Rodriguez and Viale Ranges will be used for the National Trophy Individual Rifle Match. Six relays will be squadded through a random draw. Range capacity for this match is 1,320 competitors. Competitors’ squadding will be drawn and issued at the time of check-in at Camp Perry. Your competitor labels will display your squadding for the NTI match. Special squadding requests generally are not accepted for this match. All firers must report to their firing points for roll-call as scheduled in the Relay Rotation Schedule to make sure all targets have enough competitors to perform scoring and target pulling duties.   The relay rotation requires that all competitors must score and pull targets during one or more stages of the match.

RIFLES: Service rifles that comply with CMP Highpower Rifle Competition Rules.

AMMUNITION: Any safe ammunition may be used in accordance with CMP Highpower Rifle Competition Rules.

OTHER RULES: Specific rules governing the conduct of the National Trophy Individual Rifle Match are found in the CMP Highpower Rifle Competition Rules. Please note that this match is a National Trophy Match that requires all competitors who wish to be eligible to earn EIC points to comply with the rules (requiring competitors to begin the rapid-fire sitting and prone stages from the standing position).

AWARDS: The winner of the National Trophy Individual Rifle Match receives the Daniel Boone Trophy (the competitor receives a trophy plaque and his/her name is permanently engraved on the trophy; the trophy is retained by the CMP on permanent display at Camp Perry) and a Daniel Boone Trophy medallion. Twelve additional National Trophies are awarded to the highest scoring competitors in various categories (see CMP Rule 8.4.2). EIC credit points are determined in accordance with CMP Rule 9.2. The top 10% of all eligible Non-Distinguished competitors in the National Trophy Individual Rifle Match receive 10, 8 or 6 EIC credit points (all Civilian legs are 10-point legs and military competitors receive 10, 8 or 6 point legs depending on their score). Eligible competitors will receive Gold, Silver or Bronze Daniel Boone medallions. A plaque will be presented to the high competitor firing an M1 Garand donated by The Garand Collector’s Association.

ENTRY FEES: $45.00 for adults, $25.00 for juniors.