Modern Military Match

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The last four editions of the CMP Competition Rules introduced many major changes. A 2016 change allowed the use of optical sights (4.5X max.) on both Modern Military Rifles (CMP Games Rules) and Service Rifles (CMP Highpower Rifle and Pistol Rules).

GENERAL INFORMATION: The Modern Military Rifle Match is for competitors who fire semi-automatic military type rifles of U.S. or foreign manufacture that comply with CMP Games Rules. This match is intended for standard production or as-issued rifles with no special accurizing or match conditioning. The Modern Military Rifle Match was added in 2017 to the National CMP Games Events.

COURSE OF FIRE: The As-Issued Military Rifle Course A will be used.

RULES: Competition Rules for CMP Games Rifle and Pistol Matches (See Rules 5.2.2, 5.2.3, 5.2.4 and 5.3). There will be an Unlimited Rifle Class.

AMMUNITION: Any safe ammunition may be used in accordance with CMP Competition Rules for CMP Games Rifle and Pistol Matches Rule 6.3.4.

FIREARM INSPECTIONS. All firearms, to be used in any CMP Games or CMP Service Rifle event, are required to be inspected by a CMP sanctioned armorer prior to any live fire at every event.  Competitors will be required to present all applicable scorecards to the CMP Armorer in order to complete the inspection process. To expedite the inspection process, competitors are requested to apply their competitor label to each score card. Please include the last four digits of the serial number for the firearm to be used in the bottom right hand corner of the scorecard. Upon completion of the firearm inspection process, each scorecard will receive a stamp of approval from the CMP Armorer, indicating that no safety violations or rules compliance issues were observed at the time of inspection.  Each rifle will also receive an inspection tag, verifying participation in the inspection process. Any inspection tags from prior events are to be removed at the time of inspection.

Upon conclusion of firing, any scorecard received by CMP staff which does not bear the CMP Armorer’s stamp, will be entered as “Out-of-Competition. To accommodate unforeseeable circumstances, competitors will receive a 30 minute window after completion of firing in which a fired rifle may still be inspected. 

SQUADDING: Specific relay and firing point assignments will be issued on Viale Range.

AWARDS: Plaques will be awarded to the Match Winner, High Senior, High Grand Senior, High Junior, and High Woman. Gold, silver and bronze Modern Military Achievement Medals, with neck ribbons, will be presented to competitors who shoot qualifying scores. Modern Military Medal scores are listed in the CMP Games Rulebook. A 4-Gun Aggregate award will also be awarded (ranks competitors firing in Garand, Springfield, Vintage Military and the Modern Military matches).

ENTRY FEES: $45.00 for adults, $25.00 for juniors.