Speed South Tactical Rifle Match

Speed South Tactical Rifle Match

Speed South Tactical Rifle Match Presented by Precision Tactical

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Match Dates:

July 16

August 20

Match starts: 12:00 PM
Match ends:   5:00 PM

Location:  CMP Talladega

 Price: $25

First Time CMP Shooters are required to attend CMP orientation.

Registration begins at 11:15.

Shooters meeting and Ammo check at 11:45

Trigger time at 12:00.

Limited to the first 40 shooters.

USPSA style run and gun style Tactical carbine match. Mixture of close to medium range steel and paper targets.

Scoring is time Plus.

No Green Tip, Steel or armor piercing rounds. RO's will check before shooting.

.223/556 or Pistol caliber platforms ONLY. no rimfire

Semi Automatic ONLY.

Round count plan on 250 to be safe.

Stages will include magazine change.

EarPRO and EyePRO required.

General match, with the following divisions:

Rifle with Optics, Rifle with Irons

Precision Tactical will be giving away a cerekote package to a random winner from this months match!

Match Director, Tony Pruitt: outlawdragnova@yahoo.com