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5-10 July 2017

All smallbore & air rifle camp students will receive expert coaching in the fundamental principles and techniques of 3-position and 4-position smallbore and International air rifle shooting. Students will be provided a safe, enjoyable learning experience that will significantly contribute to improving their shooting skills.

The smallbore rifle camp has been primarily designed for the intermediate shooter, and will be held using both smallbore and air rifles. Students must supply their own smallbore rifle. Students are encouraged to bring their own air rifle – but the CMP will lend sporter air rifles to campers who do not have one to bring.

065 Campers shooting IA Match.s

Camp is designed for junior shooters age 12 - 20 who have fired in a competition, such as Junior 3P or 4P Smallbore Sectional competition, 3P Precision Air Sectional, USA 3P JORC. To assist us with your learning experience, list location and type of match, date and score fired (attach a highlighted results copy). All junior shooting competitors are welcome. Enrollment will be limited to 72 students.

Students who have not reached their 18th Birthday by Aug 1, 2017, must be accompanied to Camp Perry by an adult sponsor (age 21 or older). An adult may not sponsor more than three junior students.

JOIN US THIS YEAR! We hope that you will be able to join us this year for what we know will be an enjoyable and memorable learning experience. Have fun, make new friends, and improve your shooting skills. It's a great way to spend a few days this summer!

If you have any questions, please call the NRA at (703) 267-1589, or email at [email protected] or Russ Evans at 330-534-5344 or [email protected].