M9 EIC Match


The M9 Pistol EIC Match is conducted in conjunction with the Pistol Small Arms Firing School. This match is designed to introduce shooters to service pistol shooting with the current M9 service pistol and encourages them to start working towards earning the prestigious Distinguished Pistol Shot Badge.


The M9 Pistol EIC Course of Fire will be used. All firing is done at 25-yards on the NRA B-8 target. Either a one-handed or a two-handed stance may be used. Competitors begin with 5 sighting shots. Record firing starts with 10 shots slow-fire in five minutes. This is followed by two 5-shot timed-fire series in 20 seconds and two 5-shot rapid-fire series in 10 seconds each.



Any student in the Pistol Small Arms Firing School is eligible to fire in the M9 Pistol EIC Match. SAFS students who are Distinguished or who have previously earned pistol EIC points may fire in the match, but they are counted as “out-of-competition” and are not eligible to earn EIC points.

Military competitors should check with their branch of service, prior to registration, for eligibility. 

Note: Army Regulation 350-66, dated 27 Aug 2012, Table 3-1, Note 9 states “Army component personnel will not be eligible for points in the four point elementary level match at the National Matches. To qualify for points at the National Matches, Army personnel must shoot the National Trophy Individual Match”.


Competitors will be squadded by USAMU instructors when they report to the range. 


The M9 EIC Match is fired with rack-grade U. S. Military M9 pistols that are used for the Small Arms Firing School. All competitors must fire with the pistol issued to them, regardless of whether they are eligible to earn EIC points in this match.


The CMP will issue military surplus 9mm M882 ammunition that must be fired in SAFS practice and the EIC match. All competitors must fire this ammunition.


Specific rules governing the conduct of the M9 EIC Match are found in the Competition Rules for CMP Games Rifle and Pistol Matches (see especially Rule 7.6.1).


The highest scoring eligible competitor in the M9 EIC Match receives a CMP Recognition Plaque. The top 10% of all eligible competitors receive 4 EIC credit points and a CMP M9 EIC Match medal. All competitors who complete the M9 EIC Match will receive a distinctive M9 EIC Match pin and a participation certificate when they turn in their scorecards.


$50.00 for adults, $35.00 for juniors. This entry fee covers both the Pistol Small Arms Firing School and the M9 EIC Match.

2018 WINNER: Roy Leidy, Northampton, PA, 269-1X

NATIONAL MATCH RECORD: Nick Pappas, Chicago, IL, 283-7X, 2006