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I rarely write reviews or provide feedback, but in this case I feel compelled to share how pleased I am with the service from CMP.

In short, I simply cannot believe how fast the turnaround was from when I mailed my order to when the M1 Garand was delivered - 1 week. Simply unbelievable. 

The quality of the rifle and the customer service exceeded my expectations.

Please pass on to your team that they have one extremely satisfied customer.

Well done!



Monty Johnson,

I recently received my Colt 1911A1 from CMP. The pistol was a 1911A1, manufactured in 1945. It took a while for order since my number was high but once contacted I had the pistol in 2 days. It was refinished like most but in excellent condition. I already shot 500 rounds through the pistol and it is very accurate. My 1911A1 is a historic relic but I enjoy shooting it because it is an iconic part of military history. I suspect it could have been carried in WWII, Korea and probably Vietnam. I am proud to own a piece of history.

Kudos to the staff at the CMP-could not be happier. Being a former paratrooper and peace officer, I am honored to own a piece of history. If only that gun could talk!

Jim L.,

Good Morning!

Just got home from the 2019 National Trophy Matches. It was a wonderful week of matches! I know that this probably happens often, but, my 19 year old daughter (Haley) and husband (Bobby)BOTH made the P100 this year! Exciting time in our house for sure! My daughter (Haley) and her team mate (Peyton) also placed 5th in the National trophy junior team match! This was Peyton’s 1st time to Camp Perry. Thanks for running such great matches! We are planning our trip for next year already!


Shannon Robinson,


Thank you all for the opportunity to buy these 1911s.

You did a great job pricing and making the sales fair to everyone who wanted to participate. 

Thanks for the fast replying to the many emails. 

Great job.


John Acevedo ,