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The CMP receives many emails and letters each day from our customers saying how much they appreciate what the CMP does. See below to view some of these.

Thanks for the beautiful Garand and the quick turn around. I mailed my order for my first M1 (RM1 Svc) on October 19th and received my rifle yesterday, November 1st. The rifle is in great condition and it's a WWII vintage SA which I had requested. Couldn't be happier with the rifle and CMP customer service.

Thanks again!


Mr Mark Johnson, COO CMP


When my son Travis and I were selected for the October 1-3 CMP AMC, back in November 2019, we decided to spend the week prior to the course in the Anniston area and visit with family in Huntsville.

We had visited the South Store and the TMP in July 2018 and had a great time at both places so we figured that we should spend some extra time getting to know the area, the people and enjoy some warm weather before our upcoming cold Alaska winter.

We had the opportunity to visit the south store several times and were able to purchase several very nice rifles.

I would like to praise the South Store staff and Armors that were present during our visits. They all went above and beyond helping us and providing information about the M1s, M1903s, and M1917s so that we could make informed purchases.

Ellyn, Austen, Ben, Taska, Colby, Jeff, Matt, and a special mention for Bobby, also the many other staff members that I don't recall by name, all are outstanding representatives of the CMP and the South Store. (I am truly sorry that I do not recall all their names). Everyone was patient with Travis and I and our dozens of questions. True Southern Hospitality!

We had the opportunity to meet Sandy and Jennifer at the armory. They are also excellent representatives of the CMP.

We were fortunate to have met the CMP volunteer Armor Mr. John Beard, and his lovely wife, while we were in Huntsville. What an amazing knowledgeable man and just all round nice person. We learned a lot about WW1 bolt action rifles during our visit with him. Truly a fine gentleman.

Thank you sir for the leadership you provide the CMP. It is an outstanding organization.

Very Respectfully,


Bill L Jones,

The M1 Garand arrived...

and it's WAY batter than described on the CMP web site.

Many thanks for such fast service.


John A. Sagerian,U.S.N.,Ret.,

Dear CMP,

I may be late sending this email but it is better late than never.  This summer my son’s Junior Marksmanship coach gave me a heads up that there were some openings at Camp Perry for the CMP Junior Camp.  I connected with Russ Evans and filled out the online forms and took a week off of work on short notice. 

My son and I had an incredible time at the camp.  We are looking forward to next summer with renewed enthusiasm and a connecting with other members in our club to come too. 

It is a great program and it is very attractively priced with comfortable accommodations in walking distance and a great staff of volunteers.  My son’s shooting skills and confidence improved significantly.  Please keep the program going and we are looking forward to next summer. 

Thank you,


Michael Fahey,