Customer Comments/Feedback

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The CMP receives many emails and letters each day from our customers saying how much they appreciate what the CMP does. See below to view some of these.

Hi! I just wanted to write you a quick note. In early January I submitted my qualifying paperwork and ordered a Field Grade Springfield M-1. You processed my order as received on 13 Jan 2012. I did not ask for any thing in particular other than it was a Springfield but I was hoping for a rifle that had been manufactured and possibly seen action in WWII but would still be good shooter. Testimonials about the quality of the rifles and customer service made me comfortable enough that I decided to risk it and save $100 and order a Field Grade instead of a Service Grade. I did not want a perfect specimen, I wanted it to have character and show her service.

On Wednesday this week, 1 Feb, I received my rifle. I was like a kid on Christmas morning trying to get it out of the box. I opened the hard plastic case and there it was, my dream gun! Please pass along my gratitude to the staff that selects the rifles to fulfill your orders. It was like they read my mind when they selected this rifle for me! A quick search of the serial number shows it was manufactured in 1943 so the potential for a robust history is great. The erosion grades are 2 and 2+, the stock is dark with plenty of dimples and dents and the barrel and front sight show plenty of wear testifying it has served it's country, and possibly more than one country, very well. It is BEAUTIFUL! I have not had a chance to shoot it yet, schedule and winter weather are making sure of that. I look forward to the day when I can! Thank you again for the quick turnaround of my order and the fantastic rifle you selected for me.

Brent L., MSgt, USAF Retired,

Got my first Garand from CMP the other day. WOW! Much better than description. I am ordering another one immediately! Keep 'em coming! Also great case, and it didnt even take 30 days to get it. Outstanding! Thanks Very Much!

Daryl D.,

I would just like to say thank you for the fantastic customer service provided by Phil New. My field grade Winchester M1 came with a worn out elevation knob. An e-mail inquiry to customer service resulted in a quick response from Phil on Monday. He said a replacement elevation knob and pinion would be sent ASAP. It showed up in the mail on Friday. I installed it and it solved the problem 100%.

Thanks for the great customer support.

Hal S.,

Hi Melissa, Just a quick thank you for your wonderful service. The CMP Special Garand arrived Monday. What a beauty! 

John P.,