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I just wanted to thank you for putting on a great event. I could not be there but we enjoyed watching it online. Great job. The kids from our team TMU did great and I thank you. Thank Brad also if you would.

Received a new m1 stock w/metal  recently, fitted it with very minimal work and after a couple of coats of linseed oil it looks great.  Would recommend product without hesitation.


Wayne C.,

You guys do a terrific job, I enjoy coming to your store for that very reason.

Mark R. C.,

I received my Springfield Service Grade Special M1 this week and to say it far exceeded my expectations is an understatement. You folks at CMP really know how to please your customers. Please give all your staff a special thanks from me. I'll be submitting an order for another one this week. My Dad , before he passed away, said that if you ever get a chance buy an M1. He said his saved his life numerous times at Normandy and Bastogne. I'm happy that you folks allowed me to fulfill his request.

Thanks again for everything.

Tom C. Retired Us Army 1SG,