CMP announces the Advanced Maintenance Class dates for 2015

With the overwhelming popularity of the CMP Advanced Maintenance Class, we have decided to increase the number of classes to 12 for 2015. Each class will be a three-day event and have a capacity of 20 students.


The Advanced Maintenance Class (AMC) is the first class offered by the CMP that allows hands-on training with the M1 Garand – teaching rifle function and preservation. Participants are educated on topics such as component purpose and function, barrel installation, malfunctions and remedies, as well as other techniques, through verbal presentations and video demonstrations. Students also build their own Garand from CMP parts, under the direction of CMP’s expertly trained Custom Shop gunsmiths.


New this year, we will be trying two special “buddy” classes. Last year, we had many requests to help facilitate pairs of students wanting to take the class together, such as father/son, husband/wife, brothers or just friends. These two special classes are scheduled for June 12-14 and June 16-18. Only one member of the "Buddy" team may register.  You must indicate your “Buddy” and their city and state along with either their date of birth or CMP Competitor Number, upon registration. Each student attending the "Buddy" classes will have to pay the fee of $1800.00 and send in the paperwork requirements.

The following dates are for the AMC events to be held during 2015.

2015 AMC Class Dates

January 9-11

January 13-15

March 6-8

March 10-12

June 12-14 (buddy class)

June 16-18 (buddy class)

August 7-9

August 11-13

September 18-20

September 22-24

December 4-6

December 8-10

The price of the class has increased to $1,800 for 2015.  This helps to cover the expenses involved with the class, including the purchase of the rifle students will build, as well as tuition, but does not include tax or shipping.

The Lottery For Registration

Registration will be different this year. We will use a lottery system that will utilize our Competition Tracker software. The lottery for registering for 2015 classes will open on November 17 and stay open until December 1.

This is how it will work:

Any time between November 17 and December 1, you will be able to go to our website and enter the required information for each class date that is compatible with your schedule. When the lottery sign-up closes on December 1, each entry will be assigned a number, then random numbers will be picked by the system. No applicant will be able to win more than one seat in a class for 2015. At this time, no former AMC students may register for classes in 2015.

The lottery will be used to select the 20 primary students as well as 20 additional stand-by students for each class. The stand-by students are selected in the event any of the primary students are not able to attend. History has shown about 25% of primary students have to cancel due to an unforeseen reason. An email will be sent to each lottery winner as well as those selected as stand-by students confirming their status. No email will be sent to lottery participants that do not win a seat or win stand-by status. All students who win the lottery will receive an email by December 6. If you were not chosen for the 2015 AMC class, you will not receive an email. Please do not call to verify.

Following notification by email, each lottery winner will be forwarded paperwork to complete and return. This will complete the registration process. Paperwork will need to be received by December 31, 2014 for the first two classes in January. Paperwork for all other classes for 2015 will be due by January 31, 2015. Any student that has not returned paperwork by January 31 will automatically forfeit their seat to the next stand-by student.

CMP is working diligently to ease the registration process and allow as many students to attend our class as possible. We are looking forward to seeing 240 new AMC students in 2015.

For more information on the class please contact the Custom Shop at [email protected] or call 256-835-8455, ext. 1113.

For online registration questions contact Christina at [email protected] or 419-635-2141 ext. 1114.

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