CMP Announces New GLOCK Pistol Match for 2017 National Match Schedule

By Ashley Brugnone, CMP Writer

CAMP PERRY, Ohio – A new, exciting pistol event has been added to the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s (CMP) 2017 National Matches schedule – set to fire on the historic grounds of Camp Perry, Ohio. The inaugural match, created in partnership with GLOCK, Inc., is open to both adults and juniors.

The GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF) Camp Perry National Challenge will fire on July 1, 2017, with two different categories: Stock and Unlimited.

The Stock Class is for GLOCK firearms with components that are or ever have been available from GLOCK, Inc., though some modifications are permitted. Those include:

  • Hogue-Grip type sleeves, A-Grip panels, skateboard tape or other grip-enhancing materials that do not materially alter the function of the stock firearm.
  • Slide and barrel stripping and/or refinishing.
  • Pearce Grip Inc. grip extenders on G26, G27, G29, G30, G33, G36 and G42 magazines.
  • Aftermarket replacement non-metallic base plates on magazines.
  • Post and notch sights (patridge sights) excluding any sight requiring slide modifications.
  • Please note that fiber -optic and express sights are approved.

The Unlimited Class is for firearms that contain the following modifications:

  • Any non-post and notch sights including but not limited to, ghost ring or laser, electronic or optical sights.
  • Wrap-around grip sleeves on magazines.
  • Aftermarket component parts and barrels.
  • Recoil spring guide/recoil reducer assemblies.
  • Aftermarket extender slide stop levers.
  • Firing pins (modified/aftermarket).
  • Connectors (modified/aftermarket).
  • Metallic magazine well funnels or slugs.
  • Lights or other barrel weights.
  • Any modifications deemed by the Range Master to create an unfair competitive advantage.

Competitors, who must have a GLOCK Membership in order to compete in the event, may choose to sign up once, twice or three times in each class. Awards will include plaques for the Overall Match High Shooter, High Stock GLOCK, High Unlimited GLOCK, High Guardian, High Senior, High Woman and High Junior. Additionally, six pistols will be awarded to the category winners during the match.

The Course of Fire for the match, on NRA D1 paper targets, will be set at distances of 5, 7, 10, 15 and 25 yards – 10 rounds at each in a time limit of 15 seconds.

“This match was suggested by Bob Schanen, a valued, long-time GLOCK employee and Camp Perry rifle competitor for 30 plus years,” said Brandie Collins, GLOCK public relations and communication manager. “The partnership with CMP in bringing this match to Camp Perry meets our common goals of promoting safe gun handling, marksmanship and introducing people to competitive shooting.”

“Competitors will find the GSSF match fun,” she added. “Time limits are challenging and accuracy is paramount. Shooters of all skill levels will enjoy shooting this match.”

To register for a GSSF Membership, visit or join during match registration at check in. For more about the National Matches, check out the CMP website at

18 Responses

  1. What area of camp Perry will these be held? What day(s) will they be fired. What is round count for the match? Is a holster required? How are firearms and ammo properly carried to the range?
    • Ken
      Dan, No holster required. Start position is low ready. At start signal (I assume they will have a shot timer rather than turning targets) bring Pistol up and shoot the 10 rounds in 15 seconds. No reloading under he clock. It shouldn't take more than 5 or 6 minutes per shooter of the Range Officers are efficient. If you have 2-3 magazines it will speed things up a bit.
  2. Did you forget about the Super Seniors?
  3. How will the D-1s be scored?
    • Ken
      The center scoring ring (X) is a tie breaker and scores 10 points. The next ring is 10 points, the outer scoring ring is 8 points, and other hits on the paper or cardboard scores 5 points. Any misses are scored "0" (zero) points. I would guess it will take 490 points out of 500 to win. Perfect scores are possible, especially in open class if optical sights are used.
  4. Indoors? Or outside? Thanks.
    • This will be an outdoor match on the historic Camp Perry Ranges.
  5. Great first match, only suggestion would be squading shooters on firing points after relay one. There was a lot of shooters pushing into firing points from the sides as the relays went on. Great job for first time out.
  6. It was fun! Christine, the senior scores seem to have gotten lost in the shuffle of updates. Can you resuscitate them? Thx
    • We are aware of the issue and working to fix the senior results. It was a great event!
      • Greatly appreciate it. Maybe in future squad the shooters as was mentioned is a real plus idea.
  7. More BULLSHIT CMP matches that are pushing the NRA out of CAmp Perry, and the home of the NRA NAtional MAtches since 1906! Maybe the CMP needs to use their range complex in Geroiga!
    • Sorry Greg, the NRA moved their matches to other venues on their own. CMP would love for them to return to Camp Perry.
  8. Any model of glock is allowed?
    • There are 2 classes for the match. See for more information.
  9. Two hand grip or one hand bullseye type?
    • In the Glock match, you are allowed a one-handed or two-handed grip. Read more at

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