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CMP Custom Shop Continues to Maintain Rifles and a Remarkable Amount of Business

By Ashley Burgnone, CMP Writer ANNISTON, AL In only eight months of operation, the CMP Custom Shop has preserved, repaired and upgraded an impressive number of USGI-issue rifles. Since it first began in October 2013, the shop has received 434 return authorizations (work orders) in total, with 345 rifles having been completed and returned to customers and...
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Escape the Heat of July with the CMP’s National Match Air Gun Events

CAMP PERRY, Ohio Competitors looking for additional pistol or rifle opportunities during the National Rifle and Pistol Matches, as well as an escape from the heat of summer, are urged to consider the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s (CMP) series of air rifle and air pistol events throughout the month of July in our air-conditioned, world-class Gary Anderson...
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Junior Team Match to Promote Young Talent at National Trophy Rifle Matches

CAMP PERRY, Ohio Junior shooters looking for a challenging and prestigious team event during the National Trophy Rifle Matches at Camp Perry are encouraged to sign up for the National Trophy Junior Team Match (NTJT), to be fired July 18, 2014. Each year, the NTJT provides an environment for intense competition and comradery among some of...
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