JROTC Matches


Congratulations to all JROTC unit teams and individual cadets that qualified for the 2018 JROTC Service Championships.  This competition will give JROTC units and individuals who earned the right to represent their schools an opportunity to meet the challenges of a major shoulder-to-shoulder competition.  The JROTC Service Championship is also the qualifying competition for the 2018 National JROTC Championship.  Individual and team JROTC Championship awards will be presented and the top unit teams and at-large individuals will qualify for the National JROTC Championship at the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center in Camp Perry, Ohio on 22-24 March 2018.

If your team is able to participate, please fill out the online registration.   If unable to attend, please email [email protected] to decline.

Important Dates:


25 September 2017 Online Registration Begins
15 November 2017 Online Registration Ends
1 December 2017 Targets Must Be Returned to CMP
11 December 2017 Preliminary Results Posted
14 December 2017 All Scores Final

 Service Championships

8-10 February 2018 Army, Navy, Air Force (Phoenix, AZ)
8-10 February 2018 Army, Air Force (Anniston, AL)
16-18 February 2018 Army, Air Force (Camp Perry, OH)
16-18 February 2018 USMC (Anniston, AL)

 National JROTC Championship - Camp Perry, OH

22-24 March 2018 All Services (Camp Perry, OH)


The U. S. Army Cadet Command, TECOM, the Naval Service Training Command, AFOATS and the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) jointly conduct this competition. The 2016-2018 11th Edition of the National Standard Three Position Air Rifle Rules governs. Rulebooks may be downloaded from the CMP web site at http://thecmp.org/air/national-standard-three-position-air-rifle-rules/

If you have questions regarding the JROTC Championships, please email [email protected] or call (419) 635-2141, ext. 730.


The CMP also supports JROTC by providing training and curriculum to JROTC Instructors (see the JMIC Instructor Courses under "Training"). The CMP also offers scholarships. Find out more information by visiting the CMP Scholarship web page.