Gary Anderson Invitational Air Rifle Championship

Gary Anderson Invitational Air Rifle Championship

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2015 Program
Online Registration-Camp Perry, OH Opens 1 September 2015
Online Registration-Anniston, AL Opens 1 September 2015

Gary Anderson Invitational

5 December 2015 (Camp Perry, OH)
4-5 December 2015 (Anniston, AL)


This junior competition began in 1996 as the Atlanta 500 Air Rifle Championship. From 1997 through 2000, it was known as the Wolf Creek 600. In 2001, the match location changed from the Wolf Creek Olympic Complex near Atlanta to the Army Marksmanship Unit ranges at Fort Benning, GA. That year the Wolf Creek Association renamed the match the Gary Anderson Invitational. In 2009 the CMP took over the sponsorship of the Gary Anderson Invitational and conducted the match at the CMP Marksmanship Center - South in Anniston, Alabama. The match is now hosted at both the CMP Marksmanship Center – South, and the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center – North, located on Camp Perry, Ohio. The National Three Position Air Rifle Council sanctions this three-position air rifle invitational as an open CMP Cup match.