2018 ORPA Highpower Rifle Match

By Serena Juchnowski, Feature CMP Writer

Sunday, June 24 marked the return of the Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association (ORPA) matches to Camp Perry under the leadership of ORPA’s new highpower director, Samantha Henderson. This was an enjoyable learning experience and she noted that everyone has been incredibly nice and helpful.

2018 Ohio State Champion Roy Mitchell


This 80-shot NRA match with two sighers at each position was, like the former day’s CMP events, shot on CMP’s electronic targets featuring Kongsberg technology. Competitors slept in an hour later with a match start time of 8:00 am, and the day proved much cooler and drier than the previous. Nearly everyone knew those shooting around them, increasing camaraderie and lending a more comfortable atmosphere to the match.

Scorecards were turned in at each yard line. This was both a good and a bad thing as some competitors liked not knowing their total score as it alleviated some mental pressure while others did not like knowing where they stood.

Competitors during the standing stage of the 2018 ORPA state match.

Not all competitors in the ORPA match also shot in the CMP aggregate and EIC, but with electronic targets there is a learning curve for everyone. There is a waiting period between yard lines as target faces are adjusted, and the command for rapid-fire is still “Targets,” but with no moving targets. The “Cease-Fire” command is that much more important with stationary targets as targets are not drawn into the pits during a cease fire. This means that competitors must pay extra attention with the elimination of the visual cue.

Dan Fleshman (left) and Matt Eden (right) prepare for a string of sitting rapid-fire at the 200-yard line.

Competitor Bob Eden acknowledged that Sunday’s matches ran smoother though everything was run safely both days. As everyone becomes more comfortable with matches shot on electronic targets, range commands will become more natural and competitors more familiar with the monitor and new procedures.

The 2018 ORPA match was different than in years past -- under new leadership and with an uncertain budget for prizes. Henderson appreciated suggestions for improvement and noted that while she would like to recognize all winners, ORPA’s budget will be the determining factor if additional prizes can be awarded.

Vic Skrzypek (left) and Sam Hartsock (right) during the standing stage of the 2018 ORPA state match.

Joe Hendricks Jr. was the overall winner and match rifle winner with a 789-29x. Roy Mitchell followed one point behind Hendricks, a 788-34x making him not only the service rifle match winner but also the 2018 Ohio state champion. Hendricks and Mitchell were separated only by X-count after the 200-yard line. Mitchell dropped one point at the 300-yard line and one point at 600, shooting a 199-14x and 199-6x respectively. In a close match up to the end, Hendricks gained his one-point lead with a 200-7x clean at 300 and a 199-9x at 600. Dave Strickland took second place in service rifle with a 786-28x and Serena Juchnowski claimed third with a 776-22x. Terry Paul took second place in the match rifle class with a 783-30x. Jim Schieltz took third place in match rifle with a 769-30x.

Scores are available at: http://orpa.net/results/2018/2018_HP_campperry.pdf. For additional information on ORPA's Highpower Program, visit http://www.orpa.net/index.php/shooting-disciplines/rifle/highpower. Photos from the match may be viewed at https://cmp1.zenfolio.com/p500405803.

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